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How to use Canva for Marketing Campaigns

Text-based content has always been an essential part of marketing campaigns and will remain. But, all successful inbound marketing campaigns need strong visuals that have been well-thought-out and created to entice many prospects. Canva is here to help you actualize your visual designs and draw the attention of readers and viewers. The program has numerous

GIMP 2.8/2.10 Beginner to Advanced Review

One of Udemy’s most detailed single GIMP courses to help you scale your design skills from beginner to advanced level in 12 hours. Description of Course on Udemy You are annoyed at how your designs on book covers, banners, and memes are turning out and are desperately looking for a quick way out. Relax. It

Why does my Gimp look Different to Other Users?

You will be shocked to discover things you can do with GIMP, an open-source photo editing software. The downloadable program can help you manipulate basic photos into spectacular ones by allowing minor edits, color correction, and background changes. Sometimes, when you download and install the program it looks different from what your friends, colleagues or

7 ways How to use Canva for Instagram

You are probably foreseeing a very tight schedule next month and are wondering whether you can plan out your Instagram content and have everything ready in advance. Well, if you know of Canva, there is no need to fret. You can comfortably use Canva for Instagram by designing your IG posts from scratch or using

How to make Money with Images on GIMP

GIMP is the best free, open-source online image manipulation and editing software. But let’s be honest: The program doesn’t create vector graphics art or scalable vector graphics such as Inkscape. Regardless, GIMP has incredible features that make it an excellent option for creating designs and images for sale online. You can sell logos, digital scrapbooking

Mastering Adobe Photoshop CC – Online Tutorial

Improve your creative skills and take your projects a notch higher with this detailed 13.5-hour course taught by a pro to make you a pro too. Description of the Course (Udemy) Among the best photo editing programs that exist, Photoshop is one of them. It is arguably the commonest among photographers, editors, and anyone who

Canva Next Level: Become a Canva Expert Review

A detailed 10 in 1 course to take your visual communication skills a notch higher and make greater impacts this year through Canva. Description of the Course Are you running your own business, cultivating your brand, or want to start doing it as a money-making venture? Whichever the case, here is a great place to

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