Why does my Gimp look Different to Other Users?

You will be shocked to discover things you can do with GIMP, an open-source photo editing software. The downloadable program can help you manipulate basic photos into spectacular ones by allowing minor edits, color correction, and background changes. Sometimes, when you download and install the program it looks different from what your friends, colleagues or

Introduction to Photography Online Course FREE

Start your adventures in photography using the basic tips in this free introductory course. Explore the potentials of your camera and see what lies in your abilities. Description of the FREE Photography Course on Udemy Chris Bray is your instructor. He is a professional photographer, an adventurer, and a conservationist. Here’s a brief bio of

7 ways How to use Canva for Instagram

You are probably foreseeing a very tight schedule next month and are wondering whether you can plan out your Instagram content and have everything ready in advance. Well, if you know of Canva, there is no need to fret. You can comfortably use Canva for Instagram by designing your IG posts from scratch or using

How to make Money with Images on GIMP

GIMP is the best free, open-source online image manipulation and editing software. But let’s be honest: The program doesn’t create vector graphics art or scalable vector graphics such as Inkscape. Regardless, GIMP has incredible features that make it an excellent option for creating designs and images for sale online. You can sell logos, digital scrapbooking

How to Make Money from Digital Marketing

How to Make Money from Digital Marketing can be wide and varied as the options of earning from it are incredible. There are many things to get involved in, from affiliate marketing, blogging, and lead generation to network marketing, content marketing, and coaching. Today, especially with the pandemic hitting the world and affecting so many lives,

How to become a YouTuber for Beginners Tutorial

Learn how to kick-start your YouTube journey and start sharing and promoting your video content on YouTube. Most importantly, know how to optimize your channel correctly. Description of the Course on Skillshare You might be wondering why more people are requesting you to subscribe to their YouTube channels and watch their content. Yes, this is

Best Online Facebook Marketing Courses – Make Ads Work

It initially was famous for social networking and communication. But today, Facebook has become a diverse space. Businesses have been built and thrived through this platform. It wasn’t easy in the beginning as most of the marketplace and advertising features hadn’t been introduced. Advertising was via personal posts that could be shareable though still couldn’t

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