Picking a Domain

Finding a domain is the next thing to do in creating our niche. Domains are like real-estate in the real world except they are in cyberspace. If you can create a niche website that generates steady natural traffic that site can be bought and sold as buildings in the real world. So you can flip websites like you can any other physical product. That is for another post for now let us concern ourselves with locating and purchasing a domain.

Free versus Purchased Domains

In fact you can obtain free domains for testing out a niche to see how well it converts before purchasing however if you are focused and have a passion there is no reason that any niche you work at will not succeed and generate a steady cash flow. Some niches take more work than others and there are many permutations for that.


You can get a FREE WEBSITE AND DOMAIN HERE and they will host the site for you when you sign up as a new member which is totally FREE you don’t even need a credit card.

You can however pay for a domain very cheaply nowadays and if you shop around and look for coupons etc you can get them for a few dollars.

I would recommend purchasing if you have the money as the domain you get at WA is a sub domain of their domain siterubix and doesn’t rank as effectively as a clean domain. It will rank but may take a little longer and again this is down to competition KW used etc. However if money is tight then the FREE one will do the job for now and you can learn how to go through the process without spending anything.

Keyword Rich versus Brandable

OK choosing a domain is another thing to consider. There are two camps on this

a) Keyword rich domain name

b) Brand-able domain name.

Both have their merits so let’s consider them. Everyone on the planet who has an internet connection has heard of Google, Amazon, eBay etc. These are brands and have a high marketing benefit and easy to remember. However buycheapmoviesonline.com is a keyword rich domain and is harder to remember and not a brandable commodity.

Previously keyword  rich domains were regarded favorably by Google and gained rank very quickly compared to brands but this has been changed and now both gain the same love from the big G. This domain as you can see is a keyword rich one and I choose that as there was a large amount of traffic searching for it. This means you can start to get some traffic from the KW as well as your articles. However as I gain authority and scale the site up I may change to a brand able domain and re-direct my links so still keep my rankings.

So it doesn’t really matter at this stage how you go about it both have been used successfully and will continue to do so as long as your content is relevant. Finding something catchy as a brand is not always easy so choosing keywords first can be easier then as you build you may come across something that fits.

How to find a domain!

A great site to find domains is Domize you can type in phrases you like and it will tell you instantly what is available. The three main domain extensions are .com, .org and .net. The domain extension .com is the top domain to go for. then .net then .org these seem to rank better in this order than anything else. When searching try to get the .com if not available go for another or keep searching for the .com. I have used all three Domizeand ranked so it is not that important but .com’s tend to rank quicker. As you can see from the example all three domains are available for this one and if you click on the link .com, you will get a list of places to buy and prices. I like this site as it comes up with all the available domains as you write in the letters and you can come up with a great name you didn’t think off by accident.

Other things to consider when buying the domain is when choosing the keyword rich one you also want to try and get one that has high traffic but low competition. This way you will gain some traffic as you begin to rank from the domain keyword alone.

We shall discuss finding keywords in the next article.

Any questions please leave me a comment and I will get back to you.


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