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Learn to Use Canva the Beginner Design Solution

A concise 23-minute video introducing Canva, how it works and bits into text, shape, layout, and how you can use the three in your designs. Description of the Course on Skillshare How great is Canva? Canva is one of the graphic design programs that allows you to create stunning graphics, infographics and manipulate images in

Beginner’s Guide to Canva for Graphic Design

Get to know more about the world’s popular free DIY graphic design mobile and web device software to create awesome graphics. Description of the Course on Skillshare Whether for business or personal use, knowing how to create catchy images is a skill you should learn. Especially, in the current times when images and graphics speak

How to Optimize Images in GIMP

Do you have images that are taking up large storage space? Even if you have a disk with the most significant market capacity, filling it can take a short time unless you learn how to compress your images. GIMP allows you to do this in simple steps and without prior experience. More so, it allows

How to Create a Logo with Canva for FREE

Canva is an excellent tool for those without graphic design experience who need to create logos for business or personal use. If you start a business with a team or solo, you will think about having a logo immediately or later. A logo helps customers differentiate your business from the competition and portrays it as

How to Remove Backgrounds using GIMP

One of the most typical tasks of image editors is removing backgrounds to leave transparent frames. You could be prepping images for photorealistic collages or a website and don’t know where to start with background removal. Below are four ways you can hack this in no time. NOTE: The basic procedure of background removal cuts

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