How do I make Money with a Blog – Tips for Earning

How do I make money with a blogBlogging can be one of the most fulfilling hobbies or careers you can ever think about, especially in this era where you can from anywhere.

You get a chance to express your thoughts, ideas, and passions while earning.

You can do it part-time or full-time.

Are you still doubting?

Smart Passive Income, owned by Pat Flynn, earns more than $2 million annually.

Mathew, a 21-year old running True Valhalla, is slightly above $500,000 on his blog’s earnings.

But how can you get to earn decently off blogging?

You can do so much from affiliate marketing, creating a directory, offering a service, and selling ad space to hosting webinars, sponsored posts, and writing e-books, among others, that you will learn from this post.

Some methods are new, and they’ve never hit your mind as income avenues on your blog.

Let’s dive in

21+ Ways of earning from your Blog

Whether you want to make extra bucks monthly from your blog or are planning on quitting your full-time job to go all in full-time, this article will be of great help.

Incorporating the methods below can get you earnings from your blog now.

1) Affiliate Marketing

Sales from affiliate marketing comprise a massive chunk of earnings for most renowned bloggers.

Pat Flynn makes about $53K or more from affiliate sales monthly compared to $9,500 he gets from online book sales.

Be savvy at targeting affiliate products; web hosting firms have always been an excellent choice.

But, ensure it is sensible for your niche.

2) Selling Ad Space

Most bloggers begin with this strategy when they want to monetize their blogs.

Remember that there are no limitations to selling banner advert spaces (though it is becoming an ineffective strategy of late).

Consider better areas you can rent out; it could be on your social media headers, pop-up box, or the ‘’P.S’’ section on email newsletters.

3) Offer Services

Selling all your services mightn’t make you rich in a fortnight, but doing it to earn passive income will sound and work great.

With time, you can build a solid reputation.

Services you sell should be directly related to your blog’s topic, e.g. freelance services like graphic design or blogging.

4) Offer Consultation Services

Almost all niches need consultants.

Charge hourly for Skype, email, or phone advice you give free of charge.

5) Write Punchy Sponsored Posts

While building your blog, you will receive several requests for sponsored posts daily.

Such native ads are effective for brands to reach audiences safely, and you could earn more from them.

The posts should be captivating and relevant to your readers and ensure to disclose that the post is sponsored.

6) Host Webinars

Most businesses use webinars to generate leads.

You can make them pay but ensure you are offering exceptional value.

There are tons of free webinars, and for you to charge for hosting any, your offerings should be pretty unique.

7) Teach an Online Course

Do you want to create and host online courses purely on your blog?

Check out WordPress plugins and Zippy Courses for a smooth start, but others prefer to host theirs on established online platforms like Skillshare, Udemy, and the likes.

8) Write e-Books

If you have in-depth experience and knowledge in your niche, you can package all that and everything good in e-Books and sell them on your blog.

Most pro e-Book writers and sellers advise against selling them exclusively on Kobo or Amazon as you will charge less.

If you are confident in your audience and have built it solid enough, you can charge from $6 for the shortest ones to $40+.

9) Sponsored Social Pieces of Work

Social media is an effective way of getting an audience.

You can give businesses, and brands airtime on your social media pages or post sponsored pictures, posts, or tweets.

Such content is ridiculously easy and quick to post.

Depending on your audience base, you can charge between $25 and $500+ for each post.

10) Premium Gated Content

Premium content could be any type of content or work you are charging for; it could be e-Books, downloadable guides, whitepapers etc.

But what I am talking about is paid gated content.

Put unique content behind paywalls, meaning anyone wanting to access it should pay first.

You can set up your paywall pretty fast using various plugins.

11) Site Sponsorships

Some advertisers would love to go beyond having a sponsored post or banner ad and need a full meal.

Site sponsorships are when advertisers have full reign of your blog (in terms of advertising exclusively).

It means they get mentions in pop-ups, banner ads, have their logos in your blog banners, and all that.
Making money with a blog.

12) Sell merchandise

It is free and easy to add a shop to your blog using plugins like Woocommerce.

Whether you are selling handmade products, own digital products, or other products, it can be a great way to earn from your blog.

13) Sell Templates

Excellent templates save your audience money and time.

These work in almost all niches; for instance, in business, you could create new client contract templates for fitness, a 7-day workout template, in health, a one-month dieting template.

14) Create a Resource Page

Resource lists or files tell your audience the products, services, or tools you use or recommend.

They are a fantastic way of providing valuable services to them while earning through paid placements or affiliate links.

Ensure to disclose the links you benefit from and those you aren’t.

15) Dropshipping Products

Are you interested in selling products but can’t handle the stress of inventory or shipping?

Dropshipping is the way to go!

Here, you sell products related to your niche with little to no risk.

This sector has enormous potential, and Wayfair is a good reference point if you would like to take this direction.

16) Product Reviews

Reach out to various relevant businesses and brands and ask to review their services or products at a fee.

Clarify that you don’t guarantee a positive review, and you will refund them if you can’t make any out of your experience with the product or service.

17) In-content Affiliate Links

Sometimes, you have particularly popular posts you want to monetize but wonder how to do it.

You can add affiliate links in strategic but relevant parts of your content.

Start with the most popular programs like Amazon, or get relevant products through affiliate networks like Clickbank or ShareASale.

18) Write Helpful Tutorials

In-depth tutorials are perfect for getting social shares and links.

Also, they are excellent for making a few bucks on the side.

You can do it by adding affiliate links for products or services you use, promoting your products in your tutorial, or writing tutorials to promote your advertiser’s products.

Remember to clarify that the post is sponsored if it is.

19) Host Private Boot Camps

Host private boot camps for your audience to aid them in accomplishing specific goals.

Such boot camps are great for the fitness niche, e.g., a 15-day get fit boot camp.

Something like launching your site boot camp will do for those in the business niche.

20) Create Job Boards

Creating job boards on your blog is a superb method of making it sticky.

Sticky here means that you will get visitors returning to check out your content.

You will be providing valuable services while earning from the side.

ProBlogger’s Darren Rowse runs a popular job board with thousands of visitors.

It will cost you $70 to get a 30-days listing from his board.

He has about 70 listings monthly, and their earnings are solid while spending little time and money.

21) Offer Coaching Services

Almost similar to consultation services, you can offer coaching services.

But, coaching is primarily a one-on-one service, unlike consultation generally offered to teams or organizations.

Put together various packages you are offering like unlimited email advice packages, DIY packages and hourly consults, among others.

While the above are primary ways of earning from your blog, check out the three more below and try them out.

You never know; the outcome might surprise you!

Create business directories

Create private communities

Host sponsored giveaways or contests

Last Few Words,

The methods briefly described above are effective in their ways as long as you are brilliant at using them.

You can choose a couple to start with and keep adding a few from time to time.

What makes most new bloggers fail is bombarding readers with 15 ways at once.

Also, you won’t earn from these ways immediately you include them in your blog.

Working smart, building a solid audience, and patience is vital!

Create relevant and helpful content consistently; share it through all avenues to draw an audience.

You can begin earning from some not long after adding them as long as your marketing skills are top-notch.

Methods like adding courses, selling e-Books, coaching services, adding a shop, and the likes are great ways to start with.

If you are reading this and have no blog or website yet, check out our reviewed courses and information posts to get started, and before you know it, AdSense will monetize your blog.


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