Can Anyone Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate – An Insiders View!

Can Anyone Make Money with Wealthy AffiliateMaking money is a concern for everyone who has not been left a large amount of money in inheritance or lucky enough to win on the lottery or other prize draws.

Even those who are already rich still work diligently to find further ways to increase their fortune.

For those of us less gifted or lucky we have to concern ourselves with working long hours to make ends meet.

This is usually done with one full-time position or if it doesn’t pay well a few or several smaller jobs to get the cash required to keep the family afloat.

In today’s society more and more people are turning to the internet to find ways to make quick and ready cash.

It is here that you will find many platforms that offer quick rich schemes and others that with a bit of hard work will provide members with a way to make some extra revenue.

It is in one place like this that I will provide answers into their platform and answer the question, “Can anyone make money with Wealthy Affiliate?”.

 Wealthy Affiliate is a platform created by affiliate marketers to teach other people how to make money online.
Created in September 2005 by Kyle and Carson it has grown in number up to as I write this over 271,000 members.

Many of these members have made good livings from what they have learned at wealthy affiliate and gone on to teach what they have learned to others.

I have been a member since November 2011 and while working full time on my day job I have managed to build 2 websites and an eBay shop where I readily make sales.

I’m still not at the point of doing this full time but I have made a tidy sum monthly to help me pay for bills that would otherwise stretched my finances badly.

I have also learned a lot about how to build websites, gain traffic and target that traffic to make sales from affiliate programs.

However, rather than go over my progress in full I would like to tell you about the training in Wealthy Affiliate that if followed correctly and consistently will produce revenue.

The process to do this is hard work and requires members to put in many hours of graft at the keyboard but can be accomplished if you are willing to give it a go.

If your answer to any of these 3 questions is NO then leave this page and try something else otherwise read on and we shall discover more.

1) Are you prepared to give at least 1-2 hours per day to working on your new make money website?

2) Do you have access to a computer connected to the web?

3) Can you type with a keyboard?

Basically that is the bare minimum you need to get started on the process to make money online.

When you enter Wealthy Affiliate you can sign up for a FREE account which will stay fully active for 7 days with access to 2 courses the getting started course and the Bootcamp level 1 course.

(After the seven days you need to go Premium to get access to live chat and the extra training otherwise you can continue on your own as you can still use the website for FREE.)

You get access to live chat and can ask questions within the platform. Within these courses, you will be shown,

  • how to choose a domain,
  • purchase and setup that domain to the hosting at wealthy affiliate,
  • install your wordress website theme,
  • install plugins and setup the internal structure,
  • start writing content on the required main pages
  • how to get content and how to structure that content into quality posts,
  • how to choose keywords to write articles on,
  • how to bind the website content with internal and external links,
  • how to set up your Google Analytics along with webmaster tools,
  • how to analyze those Analytics and target and hone working areas,
  • how to choose and sign up to affiliate programs,
  • how to build those programs with directed links to products from your website.
  • how to build email lists,
  • how to use Google Adsense and Adwords,
  • how to use pay per click advertising and direct traffic.
  • how to build sales pages and filter traffic from your posts into those pages.

Etc and etc.

Three questions asked a lot on the Wealthy Affiliate live chat are

1) Can anyone make money with wealthy affiliate?

Answer; yes anyone can, with a bit of work effort and dedication you can make money with wealthy affiliate.

There are a few ingredients required, a niche, a website, content, affiliate programs or physical products to sell.

2) How long does it take?

Answer; it takes different times for each member working on this and this depends on how much time you are prepared to put in first of all, how you target traffic to your sales pages and the quality of the products.

I have seen some members make enough in a few months to give up their day jobs to work at this full time, others take a bit longer and some are happy enough to make a few extra bucks a month.

3) How much can you make?

Answer; there are many members on Wealthy Affiliate who have passed the 6 figure income yearly and it would be vulgar to mention them here but there are many testimonials on the website telling of these.

There are some anniversary posts on wealthy affiliate with some of the members who I have networked with and watched as they succeed and grown.

All these guys have started with nothing learning as they went and put that knowledge into action.


As you can see ordinary people can make great success from Wealthy Affiliate using a bit of effort. It will take time and effort but Rome wasn’t built in a day.

If you consider 12 months as a good investment into your future and START NOW this time next year you WILL SEE reward from your efforts.

The process is not difficult technically it just requires time and a will to try things, connect with your readers providing them with quality content and reviews and you will get rewards.

As an extra BONUS, you will be connected with me on the inside and I will be happy to guide you as you build your content.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any more questions regarding Wealthy Affiliate


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