Learn SEO to Grow your Website Beginners Tutorial

SEO Learn to Grow your Website
Need to learn SEO?

Whether you are a novice, need better tactics, or are looking for a refresher on how to build better traffic, you aren’t late.

This is the time to master search engine optimization to grow your site.

Description of the Learn SEO to Grow your Website Tutorial

If you own or run a website, you probably understand the importance of incorporating a remarkably effective and competent SEO strategy. By enrolling in a detailed course, you’ll know that writing SEO-friendly pieces is crucial.

Is that all?

There is more to SEO than nailing your content. We’ll brief you here. There are numerous SEO steps that you can take if you are a webmaster. Josh Cavin through the course covers different aspects that you should check out.

He gives you something different. This will allow the student to expand their knowledge past the borders of their busy brains.

Here’s the thing: You need to be tactful enough to increase the quality and the quantity of traffic directed to your site. This should be through the organic results of various search engines.


Not quite! We briefly explained what SEO is to the novice so that they wouldn’t think it is jargon.

We all craze about the numbers of traffic-the quantity. And that’s fine. But quality too is as crucial. Josh explains how to attract visitors who are not just random site users.

Here, you learn the vitals of SEO and best SEO practices to set you for greatness. Maybe it is already time for you to check out this course.

This is a certified course that allows you to dive into some SEO aspects and teach you how to craft some of the premium keyword research strategies. Who wouldn’t want to get more bangs for their SEO bucks?

Learning SEO isn’t like riding a bike. No, you just don’t learn the skill once and that’s it for the rest of your life.

SEO is different. Being a complex collection of techniques and methodologies, these aspects ensure that content creates is fine-tuned and can be judged by the Supreme Google. Yes, this judge is unkind to humans.

Google releases new rules, guidelines, and algorithms often. Meaning that even the pros like Brian Dean and Aaron Agius will be forced to tweak their approaches.

With such changes, you need to adapt to the new rules and have other strategies almost yearly. This ensures that SEO isn’t gradually becoming an obsolete science.

This is where this course comes in. It is updated regularly and this means that after taking the course today, you’ll find a few additions or omissions when you retake it.

Don’t worry, retakes aren’t paid for. After your first enrollment, you have full lifetime access to this course. You can always return to check any updates to it.

Does this mean that SEO isn’t among the stable entities?

Sure! It morphs, changes, and shifts daily.

The course is an essential and relevant investment but will not be a surety of success.

This, together with a little more effort and skill will make your site as sharper as possible.

Over 8,500 students have enrolled in the course and the reviews speak for it.

Everything is discussed in an hour and 25 minutes but broken down into 21 lessons. Take your time and have a good mastery of the course.

Who is the Course For?

  • Novices with very little knowledge and practical skills of SEO
  • Anyone who needs to learn and master the fundamentals of SEO
  • Amateurs who’d like a refresher course on the basics of SEO

An Overview of the Course

SEO as a big umbrella of optimization is old enough. However, the practices are dynamic.

Search engines have recently cracked down on how websites are ranked and this forced a shift in how SEO is done to achieve better results.

Website owners will agree that ranking for your keywords will be very essential in driving visitors to your site. The numbers are important, bro!

But so is the quality of the numbers.

For instance, if you search for a product on Google, there is a brand that ranks first each time you make the same search.

This is the organic search result and probably, there are thousands of searches with the exact keyword you typed.

Imagine how many sales the product gets because of the thousands of traffic directed to it.

We are a world that depends on receipts. Especially if it involves planning to invest or expand a business.

Do you still want proof before you can trust this course? Josh is a software engineer ad loves to learn new technologies.

He passes on the knowledge he has through his courses but there is evidence that the technologies have worked for him.

If you type the keyword learn SEO start to finish or learn SEO step by step, his site learnseoclass.com ranks highly.

After completing this course, you should be able to optimize your website for search engines.

If you have a helping hand, tell them how they should optimize the site.

Those who pay SEO companies for the services can track the practices and verify if they are nailing the job.

It is useless to spend too much on SEO services when there aren’t any results.

Search engines like Google and the rest are often changing how they rank sites and Josh promises to keep updating the class regularly with new tutorials to incorporate the changes.

Mostly, the biggest change affects how you should build backlinks.

Josh takes you through all the basic steps to take and learn SEO. He is a rather practical than theoretical guy.

He applies every step to the Weebly project site. This means that you will learn the techniques hands-on.

But first, you need to understand the fundamentals of how search engines will rank sites.

Trying out SEO techniques and measuring the results is an excellent way to determine if the technique works.

Doing this makes you easily know what will work and what won’t.

Josh explains all the tools you’ll need. SEO ranking is a wild west as there aren’t any rules.

However, it is crucial to know that some practices can roast you.

The instructor briefly explains white and black hat SEO techniques to ready you.

The course takes a different direction on how to use SEO to grow your site and begins from scratch.

I can say that it goes down in the sand than most courses. The instructor explains how you can optimize on pages without including any histories and fluff.

Accomplishing SEO will be easier if you are keen on the course you choose.

This one has proven to be an ideal option because of the depths in it.

Cavin vividly explains how to use measurement tools, something that most instructors briefly do. Here is more that you’ll learn in the course:
SEO Learn to Grow your Website Tutorial


  • A trailer of the course
  • The introduction and why SEO is important
  • Understanding search engines and how they work
  • Using weebly.com to set up a project website
  • Setting up Google analytics
  • Setting up webmaster tools and quickly reviewing analytics
  • Deciding on the keywords to use
  • Keyword selector
  • Keyword rankings
  • Internal linking structures
  • Content, Meta, and title tags
  • Indexing
  • Link breakdown
  • Building backlinks
  • Tracking backlinks
  • Analyzing SEO
  • Analyzing SEO examples
  • SEO HTML and the WordPress website
  • Tips, tricks, and what you shouldn’t do
  • Words to know
  • Backlink updates

Course Requirements and Prerequisites

A good understanding or mastery of WordPress
Web development basics
No prior knowledge of SEO as Cavin starts with the basics
A computer with an internet connection

FAQs – Questions about Learn SEO to Grow your Website Course

Q) Will traffic affect the rankings?

A) Somehow. Algorithms determine the cause of a rise in traffic before they can assess if it is a sign that your website has things that users find valuable.

Sometimes, authoritative sites share pieces of your content and this could increase referral content.

On some occasions, it could be spammers or bots paid to search your business repeatedly and this artificially inflates the traffic.

Q) Will it take so long before I can see benefits once I implement what is in the course?

A) This isn’t some sort of abracadabra so be patient. There isn’t an easy method of gaming the system hence SEO will take time.

The advancement and complexity of SEO algorithms ensure that what is delivered is of the highest quality and most relevant.

Q) What are some of the essential Google ranking aspects?

A) Google algorithms are responsible for determining how pages rank in search results.

There are more than 210 ranking factors since the way users search has completely changed.

And SEO too has changed. Some of the aspects influencing search results are location, device, the user’s search history and so much more.

Q) Will a 404 error affect SEO? And are redirects great for SEO?

A) A 404 error will not hurt your rankings but will affect the user experience.

If you implement the redirects correctly, they will be great for SEO. Redirects will tell a search engine that since page 1 doesn’t exist, you can opt to page 2.

Q) What are Google penalties?

A) Google penalizes sites when they violate the Webmaster guidelines.

If you purposefully involve in tricks to manipulate a search engine so that it can rank your site higher in the search results, be ready for a penalty.


You’ll learn so much and get the best out of this course if you desire to learn SEO.

However, the willingness to practically execute and test the concept should exceed the desire to learn.

This course describes the primary aspect of search engine optimization from identifying the phrases and terms that will generate quality traffic to your site, to making it friendly to the search engines.

Cavin shows you how to build links and market the unique values of your website.

The SEO world is complex and always changing. However, once you understand the vitals and basics, adjusting them to suit the recent rules and guidelines will be easier.

There is free search engine optimization knowledge online but you won’t find everything in a detailed piece or tutorial.

That is why signing up for a good course will be more relevant.

Enrolling in the course isn’t the final step to growing your site. You need to combine all the information you learn here with practical work.

Then we can say you care closer to being that savvy SEO guy.

If you are very serious about understanding search traffic and improving it, I highly recommend this course front to back.

Josh has made it very concise, short, and easy to understand.

Learning SEO is an essential step in achieving that online business goal you’ve always wanted.

Take the course and learn at your pace-that which suits you. No rush! Remember you need a good mastery of the SEO concept.

Check the resources that come with the course as they are informative.

Feeling excited? You must be! Even better, take the course! SEO is fascinating and can be fun once you grasp it.

If you lose your way, forget giving up. Hit Cavin on the discussion section for help.

What Students Say About the Course

For knowledge on how to make positive changes to your site, this course will be ideal.

You can master the tactics, tips, and tricks to ensure that what you are doing for your site will help it to grow.

This is a great point to start your SEO journey.

The instructor tests the concept through live demonstrations and projects which makes it easier to understand.

Not all courses recommend important SEO tools to use.

I loved this one and the update in the last section to cover what is recent in the SEO world.

Beginners will find it easy to digest this course as the scope of the course is on point. It wasn’t easy to think of SEO beyond keywords.

If you are looking for an awesome primer for mastering SEO, this one will do you more justice.

As SEO is dynamic, Josh explains the aspects to accommodate any updates that Google and other search engines might have in the future.


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