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Ultimate SEO Training for WordPress 2021 - Udemy Tutorial
Learn from a pro how to become a top-notch SEO expert with this master course. This is a 7.5-hour on-demand course with step-by-step processes on how to rank top on Google and other search engines.

Description of the Udemy Course

Improving WordPress SEO is vital for pulling more traffic to your site. Unfortunately, most of the reference material on the internet is either too shoddy or extremely complicated for novices to start their journeys.

Joshua and ClickSlice have partnered to create a detailed course that freshers and amateurs can use to improve the rankings of their sites on Google and other search engines. If you are dead serious about drawing more website traffic, enrol and pay more attention to the WordPress search engine optimization best practices.

Numbers don’t lie. In fact, if you are reading this and have never bought any course or taken the free ones, assess the numbers. They speak so much about the course.

Here, things are not different at all. The course is currently at a 4.8-star rating with over 10,200 students enrolled. So far it is among the HIGHEST RATED courses on Udemy. If you ask me, this is huge as very few people are interested in online courses.

The reviews are overwhelming and are among the reasons why you should buy this course. That is the first place I would go to when weighing if a course is worth my time and money.

The duo isn’t here to only make money from their course. They first want you to learn and master SEO for WordPress. Joshua and his team want you to apply the concepts in the course and get results. For you, results and money come first but to them, money comes later.

While at it, they are always updating the course to ensure that it remains relevant to the current WordPress requirements and SEO best practices. I discourage you from taking updated courses unless you want to waste away your resources.

There is so much to refer to in this course. While you can watch over the instructor’s shoulder as he explains each section, there is an option to download the articles and resources given in the course panel.

This should help you during the course and when you need to refer to notes in your WordPress and SEO journey. Most of them can be viewed offline so it shouldn’t be a problem if you are in an area with no connection.

I feel like there is every reason for WordPress site owners to buy the course because it is a gem. If you do but feel like it didn’t meet your expectations, there is a 30-days money-back guarantee without any questions.

Course Contents and Overview

There are so many SEO experts and we think that following them gives us access to all the information we need. No! Information is not cheap. Valuable information is pricey but if you can get it in discounted courses like this, grab the offer.

If you are to follow these experts, only follow those that preach and practice SEO. Joshua owns an award-winning and reputable SEO agency in the UK.

In this course, he shares the whole process the agency uses to rank websites on the front pages of Google. Everything is broken down into steps so you shouldn’t worry.

This is a course that has proven to work and yields results. If you are a fresher at SEO and WordPress or are an amateur, you will expand your knowledge base and understand what works.

Overall, it is a course geared towards beginners. After completing the course, the instructor shares the real-time results he has achieved on his website and those of his clients.

He shares the strategies he uses in this course. Use them as they are to see if they work for you. You can alter some to your preference.

If you want a powerful course, this is it. There are more theoretical than practical courses on the internet. This one is more practical and will help you in figuring out everything. Also, there is a question and answer section where you can seek help.

The instructor is responsive and you will also get help from fellow students. Working on the projects in the course keeps you a step ahead in knowing your progress and areas where you need to polish up.

There is everything to learn from link building to on-page SEO, keyword research, and much more. You will learn how to do everything.

Joshua gives his students access to spreadsheets he uses at his agency. This means you have everything at your reach. How fast you choose to learn, master and implement will depend on you.

Here are some of the things to grab from this course:

  • A lot of information on search engine optimization and understand how it works.
  • Structuring and optimizing websites to rank on the first pages of Google and search engines.
  • Ways of finding the best keywords for targeting your website.
  • How important it is to prioritize content in SEO.
  • Finding out ways of spying on your competitors. You will see the SEO efforts your competitors have been using.
  • Finding hundreds of content ideas to use on your blog.
  • Ways of building powerful backlinks that can crush your competition.
  • Mastering technical search engine optimization to outshine your competitors.

In short, every basic thing you need to implement for successful SEO campaigns is in this course.

I love that he shares bonus tricks and tips to use alongside resource materials.

Just so you know how important SEO for WordPress is, over 67,000 searches are made on Google every second.

80% of the people will ignore ads. Even if there is no perfect time to learn SEO, the sooner you do it, the better.

This course will ensure that your site is among those that consumers find faster.

There is a ton of knowledge in the course. Invest now and you will not regret it.

Who is the Course for?

Online marketers
SEO experts and beginners
Businesses that want to save money they would have paid SEO agencies
People who want to learn more about SEO

What you will learn

  1. Everything about search engine optimization and understand its importance and how it works.
  2. SEO training strategies that work and those that renowned SEO agencies in London use.
  3. Ways of checking the keywords used by your competitors that have made their sites rank higher. You can target the same.
  4. Ways of building high-quality search engine optimization backlinks which can move needles.
  5. How you can use internal links to and rank highly for massive keywords.
  6. Ways of structuring and optimizing your site to rank on the first pages of Google.
  7. Ways of finding the right keywords for targeting your sites.
  8. How to source hundreds of content ideas to use on your blog.
  9. Mastering technical SEO and outsmarting your competitors.
  10. Dealing with negative SEO attacks.


  • Introduction
  • Your expectations from this course
  • The fundamental principles of SEO
  • Keyword research
  • How to create content for your site
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO and link building
  • Technical SEO
  • How to speed up your WordPress site
  • User experience
  • Negative SEO
  • Google algorithms you need to understand
  • How to measure your progress
  • How to level up your knowledge of SEO
  • Manual SEO audits introduction
  • Summary
  • Conclusion
  • What’s next

Course Requirements

A computer with an internet connection

No prior knowledge or experience of SEO

FAQ’s – Questions about the Ultimate SEO Training 2021 + SEO for WordPress Websites

Q) Should I stall WordPress on a newer domain, a subdomain, or a folder for a company?
A) For companies that want to add a blog, installing WordPress in its subfolder will be the best thing for SEO.

Q) Will using free WordPress links be harmful to my SEO?
A) The answer here is 50-50. Most of the free WordPress themes are harmless and great for website PR blogs. But some could affect your SEO. If a free theme has numerous spammy links, has bad reviews, or isn’t mobile-friendly and well crafted, it is bad for your SEO.

Q) I would like to ass posts to numerous WordPress categories. Will that be great for SEO?
A) You need to be very careful here. You can assign your posts and pages to two or more categories. You wouldn’t want to create duplicate content.
If you are to create any duplicate content, notify Google of the original version that it can index. Do this using rel=canonical and Meta directives.

Q) Can I use WordPress widgets to improve my SEO?
A) Yes. You can use widgets in various ways. The smartest way to do this is by offering tailored content that focuses on things that visitors find on a page.
This is user-friendly, adds value, and will enhance your browsing experience. Use it to add social layers that improve engagement among other things.

Q) In what language should I set up my site to ensure that it doesn’t hurt my SEO?
A) WordPress can be used in a different language. However, it is advisable to use it in a language your visitors speak. This enhances richer, more engaged, and better user experiences. At the same time, it enhances SEO.

Q) Do I need to get an SEO consultant even if I have already installed plugins on my site?
A) No. SEO has never been an easy and quick thing to install. It isn’t turnkey neither can you set and forget it. SEO is one of the continuous processes of building your site.
Also, there is no specific WordPress plugin that will cover all SEO elements a site needs to rank on the top pages of Google. While you need to install and configure it right, you might need to get an SEO specialist who understands how organic search works if you don’t know how to.
They will help you use SEO on your site to strengthen your marketing and prevent you from making expensive mistakes.

Q) Is the WordPress search engine optimized out of the box already?
A) Unfortunately, this isn’t true. It is only search engine friendly. Any site owner needs to do manual SEO tasks to better their results. Remember that switching to using WordPress won’t auto-magically rack your content and site on the first page of Google and other search engines.


You all with WordPress sites would like to rank higher and get more traffic. But how you do this will determine if you will get results or not.

This course makes it easy to work around SEO for WordPress. It is easier to structure and you will learn how to manage and publish content. Most importantly, everything should be in an SEO-friendly manner.

Overall, WordPress is regarded as the best and most preferred CMS for SEO. But that isn’t all. It isn’t an abracadabra affair after creating your site. It won’t automatically rank on the first pages of Google.

You need to put in the time and effort. There is more to it than relying on WordPress plugins, features, and themes to boost organic traffic. Having a good and applicable strategy is crucial.

This course has all the guidance you need to work on your SEO. The downloadable resources have more content that you should use concerning the lectures.

And if you feel like you need help with any section, the Q and A section will help. Browse through the current questions to see if the same was asked and answered before. If you don’t get help, ask your question and you will be assisted.

See how easy it is to learn, master, and get help with this course? Enrol now and see your site and content ranking on the front page of Google.

What Students are saying about the Course

The course surpassed my expectation and was worth my investment. Highly recommended.

I love that he recommends tools to help you make things easier on WordPress.

My website has ranked better since I implemented the tips in this course.


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