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Search Engine Optimization Udemy TutorialHere is one of the best Search Engine Optimization roadmaps with tools, resources, and tutorials to help you get incredible organic traffic to your content.

Description of the Course

Enroll in this course and start your search engine optimization learning journey!

You will get the best out of this course if you have a deeper interest in learning its paths.

There is everything you need to know here.

What is left is you to test and execute the concepts.

I love a comprehensive course as it covers everything you need from beginner to advanced level.

Like this one, Steve describes the primary aspects of search engine optimization.

It has no jargon like others.

If you are looking to generate quality traffic to your site or content, or need to make it friendly to most, if not all search engines, you will appreciate this course.

There is more on link building and means of marketing your site’s value.

Other courses are centered on specific aspects of SEO.

But if you want to learn from scratch, it would help if you started here.

Steven Matt is an eloquent instructor with vast experience in digital marketing.

He understands the importance of SEO to any business.

Steve shares his knowledge and experiences in this course.

You will learn the SEO strategies that work and how to tweak most of them to work for any business.

It is a 38-minutes course. Probably, one of the shortest yet straight to the point without the fluff.

The course is rapidly gaining popularity and currently has an enrolment of 10,500+ students giving it a 4.7-star rating.

Such statistics are a quick way to know if a course is useful or not.

I am a content creator running several websites and social media pages and understand the importance of SEO.

As I began my online career, I had no experience whatsoever and started my learning journey with courses like this.

The SEO world is ever-changing and very complex.

But, with proper materials and resources, it is easy to understand its basics.

With the essentials at hand, you can create a huge difference in how you present your content to the world.

I understand that free SEO resources and education are out there in plenty.

But most of them are either outdated or don’t go into depths covering workable strategies.

Enrol in this course and combine the information you get here with practice.

You should be savvy in this field.

It might have covered the core of SEO but what’s available should be enough for you to start your journey.

You can select more advanced courses from our course guide.

Steve tried to make it the simplest course.

I think he went with Maslow’s hierarchy but began with the basic needs.

Assuming SEO is like human needs, he prioritizes the curial essentials first.

This theory has proven to work for most people including me as I was starting my content creation journey.

The advanced needs can come after you have all the basics tackled.

Don’t confuse SEO for paid advertising.

I have seen most newbies asking this.

SEO greatly revolves around organic ranking meaning you will not pay a dime.

With proper optimization of a piece of content, it will rank on the top pages of search engines like Google.

Let’s agree that most online searches will start from engines like Google.

In fact, about 75% of these searches begin on Google.

That is why you need a simple course to help you understand how to rank content highly on these engines.

Once you grasp SEO, SEO marketing shouldn’t be a problem.

The former needs more time and action.

You can’t start the process today and expect to get results tomorrow.

SEO needs daily action and long-term goals for success.

Content is king!

You must have heard of this severally.

This was predicted by Bill Gates in 1996 and it is a truth till today.

Why is this so?

Google users are happy once they find helpful results to their questions.

If you Google ‘’the best fly fishing reels’’ Google does its best to deliver what it thinks are the best resources on this topic.

It doesn’t search for the shortest article or one with the cheapest in the market.

It gives precisely what you asked it for.

It directs you to the best content it could find.

This is what Steve tries to explain in this course.

He also teaches how to ensure your content is picked by Google from searches.

This goes down to creating awesome content and it is a bummer.

But that isn’t all, there is still a ton of effort to put in.

With SEO, excellent results will come from greater effort.

When dealing with content some of the aspects of concern are quality, intent, and freshness.

Once you can hack these, you are good to go to the next step which is keyword research.

The keywords you choose will dictate how you will build your links.

This should help you create more relevant content and rank well on Google.

While at it, you’ll need to understand competition analysis.

As Steve says in the course, competition is very fierce.

Right now, sites will rank on the first page for the keyword you choose.

Sites on this page have been there for a while and boast a stronger reputation.

Google understands that they offer high-quality information.

Hence, earning the spot. If your content isn’t among the first pages of Google, you are yet to earn their trust.

You need a lot more work to outrank your competitors.Online SEO Tutorial - Udemy

Who is the Course for?

Digital marketers
Small business owners
Content creators
Website owners
Anyone who wants to increase their knowledge in SEO

What you will learn

  1. How to identify and select the right keywords to create content on
  2. How to write proper title tags that fit your content
  3. How to write the best description tags for your pieces
  4. The top ten ranking factors when optimizing content for search engines
  5. Methods and where you can edit your sites for search engines


  • An introduction to the course
  • How guests behave on various search engines e.g. Google, Bing, and Yahoo
  • The Hub and Spoke Model
  • The importance of SEO
  • Ranking Factors
  • Keywords and how to properly choose them
  • Meta Data and the difference between title tags, H1 tags, and description tags
  • More ranking factors
  • Backlinks
  • Key performance indicators for search engine optimization

Course Requirements

A computer with an internet connection
Willingness to learn and execute the strategies in the course

FAQs – Questions on the Search Engine Optimization Course

Q) I’d like to monetize my flower arrangement hobby. Will SEO be relevant to it once I make it a business?
A) Any money-making venture should invest in SEO. You too should. Search engine optimization is an excellent way of increasing traffic without having to pay for every click. It is Free. Unlike running pay-per-click ads that charge you for each click coming to your content through this channel, SEO doesn’t.
If your content will rank organically on various search engines, this traffic is free in terms of the cost per click. Of course, you need to invest in resources and skills for your content to rank on SERPs.
Ranking on the top pages of search engines means you enjoy visibility 24/7.

Q) Are there any recommended tools to help me with keyword research?
A) Sure, the internet has numerous of them but not all give the best results. If you are working with an SEO strategy, you can’t jump into it blindly. Understanding what people are looking for is crucial.
Google Keyword Planner is excellent. Another popular option is the SEMrush keyword magic tool.

Q) My website is not ranking on Google. What could be the issue?
A) There could be various reasons why this is happening. Before anything, run a quick site check on Google. If the web pages of your site are listed, you are indexed on Google.
The reason why your site might not be ranking on Google is that it could be new. More so, it hasn’t built up enough authority that should help in ranking for search queries.
Your content isn’t matching searchers’ intent or doesn’t have in-depth analysis. It might not have quality content compared to other pages.

Q) What if my website’s pages aren’t listed after searching on Google?
A) This means that your website isn’t indexed by Google. Your site could be blocking the search engine from crawling it. Or, it could be instructing the engines not to index. Once you resolve the blocks, your site should be indexed.
Also, you could have recently launched the site and are yet to submit it to Google. Or, you haven’t linked it anywhere. You can set up the Google search console then request indexing.
Your site might have a manual site-wide penalty for breaking Google Webmaster Guidelines. However, this is very rare. If you have been using serious black-hat SEO methods, this could probably happen.

Q) Do I get a certificate of completion after going through the course?
A) Sure. You can download it once you complete the course. This might help you when looking for work in this field.

Q) Does it take so long to rank on search engines like Google?
A) This will depend on so many factors thus, there is no specific time that cuts across SEO ranking and duration. But, you need to know that you can’t launch a website today and expect it to rank on the first pages of Google overnight.
It is a matter of earning Google’s trust and this takes a while. Let’s say, within six months to a year. But this will be based on the amount and quality of resources you will allocate to the strategy, the competition levels, and what your competitors are doing.


Jargon is what scares off so many novices and this is what Steve has avoided in the course.

I find it very necessary because SEO isn’t as complicated as other site aspects could be.

The course is geared towards beginners and being a short one, it handles the basics only.

SEO isn’t a fast track if you are looking for quick success.

You will flop badly and might never get back to it again.

It has never been and will never be! It needs more time, more learning, and more practice.

You must have a long-term plan if you are interested in SEO working for you.

This could take months or years depending on how fast you are at researching, learning, and practicing.

While this is a general course, it covers a few areas of the fundamentals of SEO.

Most people will ask if there is that one most important factor.

There isn’t as everything is important.

As a content creator and having been in the SEO space for a while, I would say creating high-quality content will be among the first things to consider.

Even if you have all your SEO bits in place but your content is pathetic, it won’t matter as people will have no interest in your work.

Regular and consistent effort will help you rank highly on search engines.

Keep creating new content and updating previous posts.

SEO shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

With such helpful courses available, you are relieved from the cost of hiring professionals as you can DIY.

It might take longer to do it yourself but it counts in the end.

Enrolling now could be the best thing to help your site and content rank higher than before.

What Students are saying about the Course

I got so much from Steve. Being new at blogging, I was wondering why my site wasn’t being seen on Google.

A short but precise course.

This is what I need to start on my home interior design website.

I am steps ahead than I was before enrolling in this course.

Now planning on signing up for more advanced classes.


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