The Complete Digital Marketing Tutorial on Udemy

Digital Marketing Tutorial on Udemy - Master the Vitals
Master the vitals and get deeper into the corners of digital marketing with this 12-in-1 course.

All the modules explore how to achieve your marketing objectives by applying all the digital technologies discussed.

Description of Complete Digital Marketing Tutorial on Udemy

Think about this for a moment:

If all businesses were to run fully online with no physical stores whatsoever could yours survive the already congested market?

Maybe it wouldn’t sell a cent. Or perhaps it could.

Either of the two, everyone launching a business or running any already, hopes to flourish and achieve their goals.

But is it a splash thing?

Besides a perfect idea, excellent planning, a great team to work with, and all the bucks to pump into the venture, if you lack proper knowledge on digital marketing, there isn’t much of a guarantee that you’ll be top-rated.

You could be lucky to excel minus this. But, does luck befall everyone?

To those that luck might not befall, here’s a stable stepping stone to jump-start your digital marketing skills: The Complete Digital Marketing Course-12 Courses in 1.

So Let’s get right into it!

First, I must say that the numbers are huge. Over 570,000 students have enrolled in the course so far.

This pushed the course to 4.5 stars with more than 130,000 reviews on Udemy. It definitely is a BESTSELLER.

It took the effort of two guys to compile such an incredible course.

Rob Percival and Daragh Walsh analyzed the current market space, its dynamics, and put together the tips and tricks to ace it in digital marketing.

12 courses seem much and not something you’d want to do as fast as possible.

But, you will be shocked at how brief and on-point these are. Everything has been rounded in one course that runs for 22.5 hours.

Still scared about the duration? Never worry as you can go through the course at your own pace.

There is no rush. Only a good mastery of the important factors and implementing them right away.

It is rigorous here and not your usual boring walk-in classes with lullaby lectures.

Besides the training, there are practical steps and quizzes for you to assess your mastery of the course.

I give it one name. Just one;


You’ll be walked into the depths of Google Analytics, Google Ad words, Facebook Marketing, YouTube Marketing, SEO, and much more.

The 38 articles, 19 sections and 248 lessons are free from fluff, very in-depth, and will help you improve your digital marketing skills to better your business.

Do you know what I even more interesting? Here are why and more reasons to jump on the train:

I mentioned the course being as practical as possible.

It is one of the most interactive courses I have come across with lots of actionable lectures.

The checklists and projects are in all sections.

Here, you’ll learn how to market your business in the online space.

It starts from the grassroots and the instructors go through all the primary marketing channels.

Why is it a 12-in-1?

Just as you like your buffet diverse and with all the goodness you desire for that day so does the duo do the same in the course.

They serve you a full course and more. Here is what’s on the menu:

  1. Market Research – You’ll learn how to know that your business idea will be relevant to the current market.
  2. WordPress – Students build a stunning WordPress site from scratch without any experience. Forget the hassle of coding if you are afraid.
  3. Email Marketing – Learn how to build an email list of a thousand people in a month. This is beginner-friendly.
  4. Copywriting – Writing sales pages that are convincing and make more conversions.
  5. Search Engine Optimization – Learn how to drive traffic to your site using SEO.
  6. YouTube Marketing – Use ‘how to’ videos to drive more traffic and sales.
  7. Social Media Marketing on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Quora, and Pinterest.
  8. LinkedIn Marketing – Go viral on this platform and maximize your connections.
  9. App Marketing – The instructors give over 40 ways that you can use to promote apps.
  10. Google Ad words – Learn the common mistakes and how to avoid them. Know how to put up more profitable campaigns.
  11. Facebook Ads – Make money from Facebook Ads without investing in a lot of money.
  12. Google Analytics – Use Google Analytics data to improve marketing

Isn’t this detailed enough? I think they give more information in only one course.

Which is a win on your side as you get to pay once for 12 courses you would have separately paid for.

Complete Digital Marketing on Udemy - Master the Vitals

Who is the Course for?

Business owners who want to launch their ventures and don’t know the right route to go.
Bloggers who want to gain more traffic and conversions.
Freelancers who want to beef up their pitches with unique skills.
Influencers looking to make a kill out of their business.

An Overview and Contents of the Course

Let’s dig deeper into it: What do the instructors have to offer?

First, a good digital marketing course whether taken online or as a walk-in class should teach the student various workable strategies necessary for online marketing.

Using these to launch, manage, and run an online or offline business will yield more than you anticipated.

Briefly, the right digital marketing course is a stepping stone for success.

Whether it is driving traffic to a site, running social media campaigns, or writing sellable content, you’ll get all these here.

The course encompasses all the vital aspects of managing a successful business.

It could be straight from creating a functional and responsive commercial website to driving lots of traffic to it and creating marketing strategies that will work.

Does it get technical?

It does since one of the most complicated and technical aspects here will be finding a proper way to get a better ranking on search engines.

Others are running Google and Facebook ads and social media marketing.

Another critical area is understanding how to gather and use different analytics for assessing the efficacy of the efforts you put into digital marketing.

The course walks you through all these aspects and much more through quizzes, in-depth lectures, projects, and articles.

You’ll need the downloadable resources for reference as you master the vitals of digital marketing.

This will not be a linear process. But, the course begins with the basic strategies and methodologies before advancing to certain marketing channels and tools.

Not all digital marketing courses offer certificates of completion that you can share on a portfolio, resume, or LinkedIn profile. This one does.

This course is diverse and covers 12 sections.

You can choose to go through all of them or choose what you’ll find useful at the moment.

Take it at your pace and enjoy the video formats.

The instructors ensure that the visual representation of the processes and concepts is superb.

Quizzes after some modules are to assess your mastery of the course.


  • An Introduction to the course
  • Market research
  • Making a website from scratch
  • Email marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Search engine optimization
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Quora Marketing
  • Google ads and ad words
  • Google analytics
  • Instagram marketing
  • Pinterest marketing
  • LinkedIn marketing
  • Facebook ads
  • App marketing
  • Old content
  • Conclusion

Requirements or Prerequisites for the Course

You need no experience to take the course but this isn’t a limiting factor for those with little knowledge in the same.

Great for any type of business regardless of where it is a service, physical or digital product that you are offering online or offline.

A computer with an internet connection.

Willingness to learn.

FAQ’s – Questions about the Course

Q) Does this course cover both inbound and outbound marketing?

A) Yes. It covers a huge section of social media that is under inbound marketing and explains more about placing ads as part of outbound marketing.

Other aspects you can separately research in the two categories are webinars, e-books, emails, and cold calls.

Q) What key areas does the course touch on when it comes to using keywords for optimizing site ranking?

A) Daragh explains more about excellent page ranking and the areas to use keywords for success like in the Website URL, website title, Meta tag, web page content, employing a proper density in the text, and headlines.

Q) Apart from Google Analytics, what are other beneficial online marketing tools?

A) While the course doesn’t cover all of them that exist, here are some of the best and highly recommended suggestions:

SubmitExpress Link Popularity, Favicon generator, XML Sitemap generator, StumbleUpon, Keyword discovery, Crazy egg heat maps, and Digital point keyword tracker.

Q) Why doesn’t the course cover Google+ yet it is a social platform?

A) Good that you noted this. Although Google+ started well and looked promising, it is a platform that most instructors and experts don’t recommend.

Q) What metrics should one lookout for when sharpening their email marketing skills?

A) Some of the vital metrics common to email marketing are click-through rates and open rates.

If people aren’t opening your emails, they won’t see the complete marketing message even if they are subscribers.

Others could be opening them but will not click through to get to your site. This means that the emails are not converting.

Wrap Up

So, what does everything I’ve stated above mean?

Your marketing strategies and how you execute them will determine the fate of your business. If you have read this piece to this point, you must be interested.

This is a fully up-to-date course with real-time projects and offers a 360 degrees scope of digital marketing. No discipline or industry is as dynamic as digital marketing.

What changes terrifically is the interaction speed and the technology. Also, most pro marketers like to experiment with new tactics to ensure they are ahead of the contest.

While some are only focused on SEO, others use great courses like this one to diversify their approaches and target better prospects.

You can alter your messages depending on metrics and walk fine lines on social media. This allows them to greatly optimize their online and offline presence. Normally, their messages are well-tailored for their audiences.

In short, these guys move adeptly and quickly. They don’t zero graze in one place for a long time unless they intentionally want to lag.

Hence, it is vital in digital marketing to sharpen your skills and up your game continually. A good digital marketing course sets the foundation for you.

If enrolling now doesn’t sound like a good idea to you, maybe later might be too late for your business.

What Students Say About the Course

I attended a walk-in class for a digital marketing course and regret my investments.

I wish I had taken the online course instead. The theory wasn’t comparable to the real-time experiences and strategies.

These instructors are clear and thorough in their delivery.

The structure and content of the course are some things I haven’t come across.

I mostly buy digital marketing courses below $7. But I have just discovered they are shallower.

I have redone the course thrice just to master everything I need and I highly recommend it.

I love how Daragh and his colleague aren’t in a rush. Instead of roughing up everything to finish the course, they keep making reflections and revisits.

He gives the tools first before helping you understand the foundation for the primary digital marketing aspects.

For something that will change your life and approach to digital marketing, this course should be the best, to begin with.

The skills and knowledge are practical and are a good way to boost your confidence.

SEO has been a nightmare that steals my sleep on a daily. I am glad to find help here in simple terms.

I am left to implement the strategies and add to my current review what the outcome was.


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