How to Make Money from Digital Marketing

How to Make Money from Digital Marketing
How to Make Money from Digital Marketing can be wide and varied as the options of earning from it are incredible.

There are many things to get involved in, from affiliate marketing, blogging, and lead generation to network marketing, content marketing, and coaching.

Today, especially with the pandemic hitting the world and affecting so many lives, you may need to increase your income.

If you spend some time online, you will see people marketing their online businesses and others selling their freelance services using websites and social media platforms.

Wait a minute: before briefly describing some practical ways of earning from digital marketing, understand that this isn’t a get-rich overnight scheme and does take a bit of work.

15+ Ways of Earning from Digital Marketing

1 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when businesses permit you to promote and advertise their products and services.

If anyone buys via your link, you earn a commission from the sale.

It is among the best methods of getting started, and you need a minimal investment for good marketing tools.

These tools help to run the affiliate marketing business efficiently.

Most affiliate programs are free, while some need a little input depending on the product and services you are promoting.

There are dos and don’ts of affiliate learning that you must know to make your journey less stressful (this will be up in another post soon).

2 Network Marketing

Network marketing is almost similar to affiliate marketing. However, you can build teams in network marketing.

Here, you will partner with a business and be a sales representative to promote the product or service.

You will earn a commission from each sale you make.

Also, you can earn a decent residual income monthly.

The model has more leverage.

You can hire and train salespersons, and when they make sales, you earn a percentage of it.

3 Create a Digital Marketing Product or Course

Knowledge is power, and you can make it also work for you.

Create your digital marketing course and sell it online.

Check our site and see the many courses we have reviewed.

Very few are free courses.

To ensure your course remains relevant and continues to earn you an income, keep updating it.

The industry doesn’t matter.

As long as you have information and knowledge that most people can pay for, do it. It is another excellent way of making passive income.

4 Content Marketing

Content marketing is the base of attraction marketing.

Lead with content and value first rather than blubbing about how fantastic your product or service is.

In the process, you will be providing value to ideal customers, answering most of their questions.

Hence, they avoid problems and achieve their goals sooner.

You will be promoting your services and products in the line.

If you are an affiliate and network marketer, content marketing should be one of the best marketing strategies.

And you can achieve this through blogging, video marketing, podcasting, etc.

5 YouTube Marketing

YouTube marketing is powerful and is an excellent way of marketing businesses, products, building brands, or earning from YouTube ads.

As a form of video marketing, this method works passively to bring in income 24/7.

YouTube will monetize the time you spend creating content, and your effort will earn you money forever.

Forget going viral to cash indecently from YouTube. Consistency is key.

6 Blogging

Owning a blog increases your chances of earning more in different ways.

If you don’t have one yet, check our WordPress for Beginner section for great courses on the same.

Like YouTube, creating helpful content increases the potential of attracting hundreds or thousands of readers and visitors to your site monthly.

You can monetize your blog in various ways.

The commonest are selling your digital products, promoting businesses, selling affiliate products, and running ads.

7 Offer SEO Services

Many will complain of SEO being complicated. It isn’t, but it takes more time to learn and master.

SEO is a technique that performs when you put effort into it.

Some aspects of SEO are dynamic, and you will need to stay updated with the trends, but its foundation remains the same.

It is crucial to create top-notch content focusing on your ideal customers.

SEO will work to increase target traffic, your leads, and sales.

You can provide SEO services to brands businesses and use them to promote what you sell.

This is among the long-term strategies of making money through digital marketing.

Businesses are willing to pay for yielding SEO services. So, consider this an effective method.

8 Web Design

Most people consider website design as an advanced means of making money.

If you are knowledgeable in this field, maximize your skills.

Designing sales funnels for others is another option.

Using an effective sales funnel system, you can build professional-looking yet straightforward website funnels.

You don’t need to know how to code or be an expert at web design.

Write the copies on landing pages and optimize them to generate more leads and sales.

Remember to charge for it.

9 Social Media Marketing

There is a ton of ways to earn with social media marketing.

You can use this marketing form to grow your business and market affiliate products.

Some people offer social media marketing as a paid service.

Using it to promote your brand or another will need your content to follow the 80-20 rule.

80% of the content should be value-based and serve the audience.

The remaining should be selling. Doing the contrary makes potential buyers tune out all your messages.

10 Facebook Advertising

Almost similar to social media marketing, you can use Facebook marketing to grow your business or run it as a service. Doing it for small businesses seems more complex than it is.

Running these ads for businesses has a learning curve and needs more work.

Most companies look for traffic, leads, and more sales.

If your FB ads can give any of the three, you have a place to start from.

Ideally, the Facebook ads strategy has to get the three needs of the business when you optimize it for lead generation.

It is crucial to understand that Facebook ads might perform today and fail tomorrow.

Knowing how to work things out on bad days makes it an art, not a science.

11 Start your Digital Marketing Agency

It is the best time to start your digital marketing agency since businesses invest more in digital advertising.

But first, you need to have well-rounded digital marketing expertise to offer high-quality services to your clients.

Winning clients depends on your ability to increase revenue.

You will need to know how to find clients then; you can bill them hourly, on a percentage of the marketing spend, or on a retainer basis.

12 Manage Pay-Per-Click Campaigns for Businesses

Digital marketing channels are becoming the best option for companies to reach target customers.

Hence there is a dire need for efficient advertisement campaign experts.

Pay-per-click ads are among the popular methods of advertising online.

If done well, its results can be immediate.

PPC platforms such as Bing and Google Ads permit advertisers to place bids for ad placement in result pages of search engines when one searches for related keywords.

Managing and running PPC campaigns has other responsibilities that you should be good at to satisfy your clients’ needs.

Getting Bing and Google certifications to help boost credibility to clients and improve your skills.

13 Create E-commerce Stores

You can create and run your e-commerce site and sell various items on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, and Facebook Marketplace, among others.

Customized templates for the e-Commerce sites are available.

Register with the platforms and begin selling your products.

14 App Development

You can build an application for users. If they like, use, and find it helpful, you can earn passive income from it.

There is an option to monetize it with sponsored ads online if you have a free version.

Or get people to pay for the premium version.

15 Freelancing Services

Develop a client worldwide and offer your services from the comfort of your home.

Popular sites like UpWork, Fiverr, Guru, and others are excellent platforms.

Freelancing services here are inexhaustible.

They range from content writing, editing, transcription, translation, video captioning, and many more.

Clients pay per hour or project depending on the platform.

More Ways you can earn from Digital Marketing

Here are other avenues you can choose.

  • Sell your blog or website.
  • Offer hosting, themes, plugins, and domains.
  • Create and sell audiobooks and e-Books.
  • Sell visual logo designs.
  • Teach online.
  • Email marketing and lead generation

Last Few Words on Making Money with Digital Marketing

Above are a few ways of making money from digital marketing .

If you are a determined rookie, begin with the basics.

You can check out some best-reviewed courses on our site on topics you wish to specialize in and make money.

It should be a niche that has market demand and is profitable.

If you work consistently in the correct direction, your efforts will soon pay off, and you can earn decently from the digital marketing avenues you choose.


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