Complete Online Mailchimp Email Marketing Tutorial

Complete Mailchimp - TutorialLearn how to use Mailchimp to drive sales.

Enjoy the robust features and selection of effective tools to help with eCommerce retailing.

Description of the Course

Email marketing is an excellent way to promote and grow your business.

Mailchimp helps you establish solid relationships with current and potential customers.

But how would you manage to keep up with this when the only thing you can do is jot down a shoddy email?

A comprehensive online course! Yes, that, and a little more practice and you are good to go.

Course Envy has made it easier by creating a detailed one on Mailchimp.

In the core of email marketing are two contradictory features.

One, you’d like to send emails to masses of people at ago. The other is the dire need to personalize each email.

This is what Mailchimp is meant to do.

It combines the efficiency of emailing large volumes of readers while including the necessary targeting options that greatly increase the chances of your emails being read and clicked through.

Sorry! I wasn’t meant to train on this. Just to brief you on the goodness in this course and let you do the rest!

Anyways, this is already a BESTSELLER course on Udemy.

So, you can be sure that you are getting the best.

Currently rated at 4.2 stars after 2,900+ reviews, this is huge as not every business has embraced email marketing.

Or, if a good number have, they probably aren’t doing it correctly.

It won’t take four years of your life as a degree course at Massachusetts would. It is a 4.5-hour course that you can complete in one sitting.

But no pressure, friend!

You can take this at your pace.

The most important thing is comprehending the course and implementing the pointers.

You benefit from lifetime access to the course and can always come back to check for updates and bonuses.

I love that the instructor is very responsive.

Detailed and very thorough at giving answers to your questions.

I am sure you want an original course with strategies that have been tested and proven to work.

This is it!

It is a great way of mastering the Mailchimp platform.

There is more on proper email marketing strategies that the instructor shares with clients who implement daily.

The course also explains how to properly optimize your emails and build email lists.

From there you will understand how to evaluate the key metrics from data provided by Mailchimp.

This will be a good way to make the most out of this software then focus on running your business.

I love that it is geared toward the novices but has an advanced section to help you understand the ins and outs of Mailchimp.

There is more on building squeeze pages and opt-in forms.

This should help in growing your email lists and increasing the number of potential clients.

You will learn how to create hyper-segmented email capture listings for more targeting and effective email marketing.

If you want to learn methods of building and designing email campaigns professionally, this course comes highly recommended.

You should be able to drive more conversions at this point.

There is a section on A/B split-test emails and analyzing data properly before creating better emails.

Those who want to take their products, services, and brands to the next level will appreciate this course.

The instructor chose to take you through Mailchimp as it is highly affordable and you can get all the core features for pretty little.

The platform has an easy drag-and-drop design with free email templates.

Its personalization and marketing automation features are awesome and incomparable.

It has useful integrations like eCommerce and social media to help with content sharing.

To optimize performance, use the advanced reporting features.

Mailchimp fulfills all requirements for email correspondence especially with stakeholders, affiliates, and customers.

Other all-in-one automation and marketing platforms aren’t web-based but Mailchimp is.

This means you can properly use it like you would use a website or web browser minus the need of downloading and installing heavier software programs on your device.

While it can help with logistical resources, it offers more analytical features to help you know your progress with emails.

As the instructor says, email marketing isn’t about sending out bulk emails to your target market only.

It is about having a well-thought-out campaign with several steps and ingredients.

He goes on to share everything in this course.

You can select from the lists of features it offers.

Also, there are basic layouts already customized for you to use with different campaigns.

There are numerous themes to use with your emails minus needing coding of backend designing.

Mailchimp has themes for many occasions and purposes.

You can choose various customized themes for your transactional and marketing emails for various subjects.

Who is the Course for?

Anyone interested in knowing more about lead generation and creating high-quality emails for marketing.
Those who want to grow their email lists.
Anyone who wants to understand the ins and outs of Mailchimp analytics.
People who want to increase their income using email marketing.
Anyone who wants to understand the ins and outs of Mailchimp

What you will learn

  1. Properly creating A/B split test campaigns using Mailchimp
  2. Understanding and navigating the platform like a pro
  3. Creating sign up and opt-in forms on Mailchimp
  4. Building squeeze pages for capturing emails at higher rates
  5. Understanding key metrics as you A/B split test and analyze your email marketing data
  6. Creating more optimizes and extremely high-quality email marketing campaigns using Mailchimp
  7. Setting up your Mailchimp email lists
  8. Building hyper-segmented email lists
  9. Creating emails that will get opened, clicked through, and make conversions
  10. Marketing and profiting from growing your email lists


  • Introduction to the Course
  • Email Marketing using Mailchimp
  • Email marketing analytics
  • Resources and updates
  • Frequently asked questions and bonus material

Course Requirements

Have a good mastery of English both written and spoken
Willingness to learn and implement

Grow your list with Mailchimp - Tutorial

FAQs – Questions on the Complete Mailchimp Email Marketing Course

Q) Does the instructor show how to use Mailchimp on my phone? Or doesn’t the platform have a version for smartphones and tablets?
A) There are versions for all these devices. The instructor shows how to navigate the platform on any device as the interface is similar across all of them. But, the phone version has proven to be rough and smooth.
This could be because of continuous updates and upgrades being made to the platform. Using it on your PC is guaranteed and more straightforward. Understand that you will miss a few features when using Mailchimp on your phone. Otherwise, desktop versions have everything you need.

Q) Is this course easy to go through? And does it need any coding experience?
A) Yes, the course though detailed, is very easy to go through. You will love the scope of work and resources offered. For coding experience, this isn’t needed here. It doesn’t take long and everything explained is clear enough.
The instructor shares extra information as a knowledge base for use throughout your journey. You will learn how to take advantage of the key features and implement all the email marketing strategies shared by the instructor.

Q) Will using Mailchimp to send out my emails be a good idea for my home cleaning services?
A) First, Mailchimp sends out more emails. More than anyone does. Being market leaders, they focus more on simplicity and if you are starting as a small business, the Forever Free Plan should work for you.
It is a boon for starters and prices are awesome. The prices in higher tiers could be higher than its competitors but will be very agreeable. Solopreneurs too should consider this.

Q) Does the instructor update the course because these programs are often changed?
A) Sure. Course Envy is a renowned instructor and the last update on this course was in February 2021. From the reviews and comments, the instructor is responsive and this means that there might be an update once anything changes on the platform and needs mentioning in the course.

Q) Is the program free to use for novices like me who have no clue about it?
A) Sure. The best things in life are the free ones. But you get a lot more from paid stuff. Mailchimp will allow you to send out a maximum of 12,000 emails monthly for free but with a few exceptions.
More on this is available once you take the course and sign up for the program. It is free for novices and the free plan will help you grab more exposure and improve popularity as you think about the membership plan to subscribe to.

Q) I have little knowledge of the platform but my main concern is in building email lists. Will this be relevant?
A) First, having little knowledge isn’t bad and yes this course will help you with email list building. Why not go through the entire course so that you are well-versed with the program? There is so much to learn here from building email lists to everything on analytics.

Q) I have an issue with combining audiences related to campaigns. Can there be help from this course?
A) For specific questions, there is a question and answer section once you enroll in the course. You can go through it to see if your question was previously asked by another student and answered by the instructor.
If not, you can ask your question for help. Either the instructor or other students with understanding in the area will help.


Emails are among the most effective and direct marketing tools. In this course, you will learn how a business can use emails to communicate with current and potential customers.

You will cover the basic aspects of email marketing and how to use emails in your business.

It is crucial to know the basic elements of good emails.

The instructor talks about this and shows how to navigate the Mailchimp platform.

There is more on designing emails using this program’s templates and sending out test emails.

For novices, this is the best place to start as the course starts from the grassroots as it advances to the complex sections.

You will learn how to create email campaigns and write effective emails.

There is a need to check your Mailchimp reports and see how your emails are impacting your business.

This is one of the aspects the instructor considers as vital as this will be a way to measure your growth.

You will know the lame areas that need improvements and polishing.

Finally, you need to know how you can use your emails to complement other marketing activities of your business.

You will need computer skills to make it easier to work through the course and practice along with the instructor in the course.

For you to create and set up the Mailchimp account and work on the activities in the course, you must log in to your email.

Environmentalists say that the best time to plant that tree was twenty years ago.

Sure! But planting it today will still help instead of cutting down ten more.

This applies here too.

The best time to sign up is NOW.

If you want to grow your brand, business, or change how you present your products and services, try email marketing with Mailchimp.

This could be the game-changer you have been looking for.

What Students are saying about the Course

As a novice at email marketing, this has been very helpful.

I didn’t know it was easy to create and run email campaigns.

I now have several email lists of 4,300+ emails since I started following the tips and strategies given here.

This is what my business needed.

I was running bankrupt six months after starting my new part-time job.

This is among the detailed courses on Mailchimp I have come across.

At least, with everything I needed to know to help my business grow steadily.


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