Should You Start Your Own eBay Store

Start your own ebay store

If you have been utilizing the eBay platform for very long at all, then you have most likely already stumbled across several different sellers who run their own eBay stores.

What are the benefits of running an eBay store? Why should you start your own eBay store?

These are just a couple of the questions that I’m sure you will have been running through your head.

The information below can help you learn more about the benefits of creating your own eBay store.

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Benefits of Running an eBay Store


There are several benefits to running your own eBay store. Of these, three really stand out for the majority of store owners.

The first impressive benefit of running an eBay store over using traditional auctions is the ability to really brand your business in order to gain more followers on eBay as well as create a more complete shopping experience for your buyers.

If you are able to find buyers who frequently purchase the same types of items, then branding yourself as a quality seller of those items is very important so that your customers come back to you when they are ready to make another purchase.

An eBay store allows you to really get your brand in front of your customers.


Many eBay buyers report that they feel more comfortable making purchases of higher-end items from store owners due to the fact that they feel their businesses are more secure.

For you, this means that the proper branding of your eBay store can result in more frequent sales as well as more return business, especially on higher ticket merchandise.

The next big benefit of operating an eBay store is a reduction in final value fees as well as initial listing costs.

The majority of sellers on eBay have one major concern when it comes to increasing the bottom line of their profits.

That primary concern, of course, is trying to save as much money as possible when it comes to paying eBay fees.

One of the big benefits that eBay store owners enjoy is having reduced fees on all of their listings as well as reduced fees on their final sale amount.

For many eBay store owners, this sole benefit is the primary reason that they continue to subscribe monthly to the eBay store platform.

The third benefit that really stands out to running an eBay store rather than having traditional auctions is the ability to set up much longer listings.

eBay store owners enjoy the ability to have up to 30-day listings on their items.

This is extremely beneficial for those eBay store owners who typically find themselves listing the same products over and over again numerous times a month.

By simply setting an inventory amount as well as a 30-day duration, store owners at eBay are able to always ensure that they have products listed to meet their customers’ needs.

Should You Create an eBay Store?


While eBay stores certainly do have some wonderful benefits associated with them, they are simply not for everyone.

How can you determine if an eBay store is your best option to further expand your eBay business?


           you’re going to need to really think about a few things prior to signing up.

The first thing to consider is how many items a month you are planning to sell on eBay. Do you find that you struggle to acquire inventory to sell?

If so, then starting up your own eBay store is certainly not going to be a viable option at this stage of your business.

If you find that you often are spending more time trying to list items rather than acquiring them in the first place, then creating an eBay store is probably going to be your best bet.

Remember, it is always important that your store has adequate inventory so that your customers continue coming back in the future.

The second thing you should really consider is whether or not you will benefit from the fee savings that eBay stores provide after you pay your initial monthly subscription to run your store.

If you are selling large quantities of items every month, or you are selling high ticket items and suffering from large final value fees, then starting up your own eBay store is going to be a very viable option for you moving forward.

If on the other hand, you find yourself selling fewer than 50 items a month with fairly low final values, you are probably going to lose money by creating an eBay store rather than expand your existing revenues.

The final thing that you should think about prior to launching an eBay store is whether or not you plan to continue selling on eBay for the long term.

If you answer yes, then the branding benefits of creating an eBay store can really help you out as you move forward with your business strategy.

If you answered no, then most likely you would be better off creating your own website or e-commerce store in order to sell your wares and simply continue to list products on eBay.

You can provide your customers with business cards or invoices in their product packages that have special discounts if they purchase from your website in the future.

eBay stores can be built very professionally looking when using a service to build the store front end and templates for your store listings. 

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Final Thoughts


As you can see from some of the benefits listed above, eBay stores offer many sellers the ability to really expand on their businesses.

While they are certainly not for everyone, owning your own eBay store can really help you push your sales to the next level.

Before deciding to start your own eBay store, make certain that you take a look at all the pros and cons associated with running one.

If you find yourself thinking about it for too long, then most likely an eBay store is not the best option for you in your present situation.

Most importantly, always remember that this is your business, and that there are more ways than one to expand your bottom line.

Make certain that you have covered all the questions that you may ask yourself such as product sourcing, customer service, and profit margins prior to pressing that subscribe button.


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