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Authenticity on Instagram - Skillsahre TutorialLearn how to create and build a solid presence on Instagram. Build your brand and engagements on the platform in less than an hour.

Description of the Course on (Skillshare)

The power of being true on IG is massive. Committing to it means you can r5apidly grow your Instagram page and have a community of fully engaging followers.

This sounds like a whole task to work on. No, it needs you to know how to stay authentic to your brand’s voice. Be able to speak frankly on the topics you think are more important.

But how do you know that you are authentic to yourself and your brand? It is by knowing what authenticity on Instagram is. This course is meant for that.

Sophia the instructor is an illustrator and designer. She compiles a 49-minutes course that teaches you how to make yourself and your brand known on IG.

This is a course compiled for novices but amateurs who are still struggling will benefit from it. It is a short one and you can complete it in one sitting.

No pressure though! Take your time to master the concept and learn the tricks that work. While most people are on IG for fun, some are there to make a living out of the network.

From the 34,500+ students who have enrolled, you can agree that there is a group that is interested in improving their accounts and pages.

How you choose to learn is up to you. You can follow along with the instructor as she takes you through each section without you practicing immediately.

Or, you can do everything at a go. The core reason for this course is to teach you how to build your brand and that of others on IG.

It covers most sections like analytics, editing, and community engagement among others.

Course Content and Overview

In the Instagram marketing industry, authenticity can be one of the overused buzzwords.

But, it is among the ways you can use it to create and build beneficial relationships.

The number of followers you have doesn’t matter. What matters is staying true to the brand.

This helps to resonate with your followers and make the numbers grow.

What you want isn’t millions of followers only. You want to have a well-connected, supportive, and engaged group.

In this course, Sophia teaches you how to engage with your followers. Know your audience and you will grow your IG account faster than you know it.

As you improve the connection with your community, your relationship becomes more authentic. It is possible to talk honestly and openly to real people.

You will learn why it is important to reply to comments and DMs often if you are a brand or an influencer. There is more on interacting with other pages and replying to their stories.

Putting a post out there then walking away isn’t the right thing to do on this platform. Interaction is what it needs.

You could be on there for five hours or more while another will be there for 30 minutes a day but the impacts of these two groups are different. Overall, while you engage your followers, your relationship with them grows stronger.

Your followers will trust and believe your content. With time you will notice a higher ROI. Sharing your story is another excellent way of portraying authenticity on Instagram.

You can talk about anything from your struggles in business, to skincare routines, parenting, and anything in your life. Remember, a loyal following will sense how open and honest you are.

Once your followers sense your honesty, there is a pull to naturally share your content with their communities too. This helps to grow your IG channel.

The instructor insists on putting up sharable content more often. Usually, IG’s new algorithm favours posts and stories that get more engagement. If other people share your posts more often, the posts show up on others’ feeds thus getting more action.

Sometimes, if the posts get enough engagement, they might feature on IG’s explore page. While Instagram is primarily a visual app, your caption is as crucial as your shared visuals.

Ensure you are showing as much intent and thought in your posts as possible. While most people are on Instagram for fun, the majority don’t know the kind of content that resonates with them.

First, you need to understand your social media behaviours and habits. Evaluate why you like some brands and people. Know the kind of images you love and those you love commenting on.

While at it you will learn how to be integral in the way you operate. You will pay more attention to the reasons for liking certain things and why you still engage.

It can be very intimidating to share your voice on Instagram and other social media platforms. There will come problems like self-comparison to others, what they think about you, and others. This can make it an overwhelming section to be in.

The instructor advises you to practice self-care and integrity. You need to understand your boundaries. Being clearer on your core values helps you to remain authentic to them. You will learn how to chase negative thoughts.

If you are in this space as a small business owner, influencer, or marketer, drawing the line between life and work can be trickier. Before anything do it tactfully to ensure you set healthier boundaries.

On Instagram analytics, this is the best method of understanding your audience. It helps you know when you and them are most active and the content they resonate and engage with.

Growing your Instagram account needs you to consider your analytics. Analytics will help any user to target a right and meaningful audience.

The insights from these analytics are crucial in creating content strategies that work and drive results to your business or brand. If you choose to work without them, you will be in the dark.

As a brand or business, your goals are unique and different from any others. It could be growing a large follower count or increasing the clicks and conversions. Sometimes, it is this, and more. The most crucial metrics will differ with every case.

You need a clearer idea of your business goals. This will help you decide the most relevant metrics that can help you reach them. Once this is done, you can get more from the analytics.

Who is the Course for?

Digital marketers
Instagram influencers
Small businesses
Anyone who wants to grow their Instagram page

What you will learn

  1. How to build your brand on Instagram
  2. How to identify your passions and likes by category
  3. Ways of representing these passions through photography
  4. Engaging communities around these passions on IG
  5. Interacting with these communities meaningfully
  6. Setting goals to help you grow your followers
  7. Using analytics to track your growth


  • An introduction to the course
  • How to set goals for Instagram growth
  • Inspirations for your IG feed
  • The hashtag strategy
  • Followers and following
  • Growth using analytics
  • Professionalism
  • Final Thoughts

Course Requirements

An Instagram account
Willingness to learn

FAQ’s – Questions about the Analytics & Authenticity on Instagram: Crafting Your Digital Presence Course

Q) I have been tirelessly looking for the Anticrop app but haven’t found it yet. Was it deleted?
A) It might have been rebranded to Recrop because this looks very similar to what Anticrop was.

Q) Does the instructor share a list of the apps she uses in the course? She mentions some that are very new to me.
A) There is a detailed list of all the applications in the resource section of the class. They are listed in the Project section that is under your video player.

Q) Can I export my Instagram analytics information?
A) There are two available options. You can access the data through a third-party tool like NapoleonCat or view then download some data sets through account settings.

Q) How can one view their Instagram analytics?
A) A personal profile user will get basic numbers like likes for every post, video views, and a follower count. Brands that use this platform will need more insights than what is in basic accounts. This is why IG created business accounts for them. You can watch YouTube videos on how this is done.

Q) Must I use a paid Instagram analytics tool?
A) As earlier said, basic IG statistics are available to everyone for free. If you want in-depth statistics to help you create more informed strategies, using paid tools will be necessary.

Q) Can I see the analytics of a competitor’s Instagram account?
A) No, this is impossible. You can only get their accounts and look at their public information.

If you want to get their performance on IG, you will need to use third-party tools.


Towards the end of 2021, Instagram introduced new authenticity measures on its platform.

The platform’s primary intention was for you to see authentic content coming from true people. No using bots or people who want to mislead users.

Instagram began asking its users to confirm those behind their accounts when they notice patterns of potential inauthentic habits and behaviour.

Once this is done, Instagram can then easily detect when an account is misleading its followers. The user will be accountable and this will keep the community safe.

Most of the time, social media doesn’t reflect reality. But, it is time to start being true to yourself first, then to your followers.

Sophia discourages you from always projecting a rather exciting life even when the things on the ground are totally different.

The just being yourself credo shouldn’t feel natural only to personal accounts. Brands too should exercise this.

And, there are lots of opportunities for brands and companies that embrace Instagram authenticity in its totality.

Consumers Aare tired of a super-perfect word created by advertisers, marketers, and influencers. Instagram users on the other hand are suffering from a disease called perfection weariness.

The same consumers crave true brand content that does not force to impress them, especially with dazzling images.

We all want photos that show what the products and services are like in real life.

Some brands have chosen to embrace aspirational aesthetics. They are doing equally well. Authenticity is a buzzword.

That, I agree. But it doesn’t mean that perfect shots that are true and tries on Instagram feeds don’t have appeal anymore.

Almost all consumers initially ranked perfect photos as a buying motive so most brands perceived this and are striving to increase their esteems and status. Brands are using different types of approaches to stay authentic.

But, one thing Sophia has insisted on is being true to the brand and its voice. If you build your brand on humour do it authentically.

Or, if your customers prioritize realness above discounts and sales, aim to be very authentic on this and other platforms.

It might be an obvious topic to learn but most Instagram users and brands have difficulty being true to their followers.

If you’d like to learn how to do this, enrolling in this course will be a great starting point.

What Students are saying about the Course

I have enrolled in so many social media classes but Sophia has shared a ton of different tips I haven’t come across. A highly recommended course!

The presentation is awesome. Being one of the shortest courses I have bought, it is straightforward and has plenty to learn.

This has changed my influencing career for the better. It is always never rosy in our lives and brands and explaining things as they are is what I am doing henceforth.

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