YouTube Masterclass Tutorial – Your Complete Guide Review

Youtube Masterclass Tutorial on Udemy
(YouTube Masterclass – Your Complete Guide to YouTube on Udemy)

A 5.5-hour course that takes you through the basics of YouTube.

Taught by top-rated instructors, it is time to make bucks from your favorite videos.

Maybe turn a hobby or passion into a career? It certainly is the time!

Description of YouTube Masterclass – Your Complete Guide

Can you earn a full reliable income from YouTube?

Why not!

Running a monetized YouTube channel is like any other job.

What brings you here could be the urge to create a popular channel but don’t know where to start.

Worry not! This course by Phil Ebiner and his partners is worth your money and time.

Whether you are a fresher at it or have created your channel but need a few tips and tricks on how to improve it, you are at the right place.

As a best-seller course, over 178,000 students have enrolled and 10800+ have reviewed it.

From the vast numbers, I was convinced that there was everything good to buy the course.

It is a 5.5 hours course with 2 articles to read and 1 downloadable resource.

This is all the learning material available now.

However, Phil and his team keep updating the course as often as possible to ensure that you get and make the best out of it.

As long as you have a TV or mobile, you can access the course.

Do you know what the best part is? Enjoying full-time access to the course.

Since there are frequent updates, you can always go back and pick what’s new.

Brand owners can use YouTube as a perfect place to grow their businesses.

As of 23rd May 2023, YouTube recorded slightly over 2.3 billion users monthly.

This is HUGE! Most brands use the platform to drive traffic to their sites.

You can earn bucks from YouTube ads.

If you have services and products to sell, YouTube is a good place to promote them.

Forget the whole rave about subscribers.

While they matter, views are what count most.

So, if you are here to build your channel from scratch or learn how to get more subscribers and views, stick around.

I have read reviews of most YouTube online courses and a few are worth investing in.

This one is action-packed, comprehensive, and student considerate.

In case you are dissatisfied with the course, Phil gives a non-questionable refund.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee but I am sure you will love the course.

I understand that amateurs on YouTube prefer getting courses that are specific to the aspects they’d like to learn.

For instance: Growing your views, how to get more subscribers and likes.

Hang in there!

This course is exclusive and you can get all that here.

In short,

it is an A to Z course about YouTube. Let’s see what the course covers.

Who is the Course for?

  • The course is for beginners who’d like to build their YouTube channels from scratch and grow them.
  • Those with channels but are struggling to grow and improve them.
  • Channels owners who want to increase their subscribers, and views, and maximize their earnings.
  • Entrepreneurs, businesses, actresses, teachers, and any other person who would like to grow their brand.

Contents of the Course

There is so much that goes into a successful YouTube channel.

From your confidence to your equipment and filming skills, Phil Ebiner takes you through everything you must know.

Current channel owners are on the platform for different reasons.

Some vloggers share about travels and their lifestyles, teachers and instructors, business owners, and many more.

Their goals might be different from yours but at the end of the day, we all hope we could make money from such activities.

The course primarily targets novices.

It teaches them how to start their channels and create punchy videos that can draw large numbers to increase their subscription and views.

Phil makes the course very interesting by creating hands-on tutorials.

As he explains every aspect, he demonstrates to make it easier for a fresher to understand.

Of course, you have to start from the grassroots-the basics.

Here, you will know more about YouTube and what the platform expects from creators.

By now, you should be slowly converting your mindset into that of a YouTuber.

Phil introduces you to the platform and shows you how to sign up for an account.

It is free! YouTube has to verify you as one of its partners and you will learn why this is vital.

You are not so far from being a pro at it!

The Creator Studio is a broad topic and the instructor explains how to use and navigate it.

As earlier said, there is so much that goes into creating a successful channel.

Your choice of equipment is a great influence.

You will learn some of the budget equipment you can use and some of the best that you can save to get.

It is possible to use what you have to start shooting great videos.

The quality of the video from the lighting to the sound matters a lot.

The instructor explains how to DIY a set up to improve the quality of light in your videos.

This confirms that you don’t have to break the bank to start and run a YouTube channel.

There is more about video editing to ensure that the results are appealing and interesting to watch.

After creating and editing videos, you need to know how to post them to the channel.

Learn how to add catchy descriptions, tags, and titles.

They should be SEO-friendly to increase your search ranking and help you get more views.

You must have heard about thumbnails if you are an amateur.

Phil takes you through the steps of designing and customizing one before you can upload it.

This also helps to increase your views.

Just like creating website content and optimizing it for search engines, the instructor explains how to do this for your YouTube channel.

Such analytics help you discover the videos that attract the most views to your channel and those that don’t.

This way, you only focus on making videos that work for your channel.

The sole purpose for creating a YouTube channel for most people is to EARN from it. Yes! The money!

Phil shows you how to monetize your channel and earn from it through crowdfunding, sponsorships, physical and digital products, YouTube Red, and ads.

Briefly, here is what you should accomplish after completing this course.

  • Start and build a YouTube channel
  • Get more views without any subscribers
  • Turning your viewers into subscribers
  • Filming videos when on a tight budget
  • Everything about the YouTube platform
  • How you can be a YouTube partner
  • How to optimize and post videos using thumbnails, tags, descriptions, and awesome titles
  • Growing brands on your YouTube channel
  • Using Analytics to improve your channel
  • Earning from YouTube through crowdfunding, sponsorships, digital services and products, and ads
  • The best practices for growing your channel


  • An Introduction to YouTube
  • Recommendations for video equipment
  • Building a YouTube Channel from the grassroots
  • How to upload videos
  • About the YouTube studio and exploring the dashboard
  • How to grow your channel successfully
  • How to go live on YouTube
  • How to earn from YouTube
  • YouTube analytics and how to use them to grow your channel
  • More tips from Video School

You must be wondering what Video School is.

Video School helps you learn various creative skills and can quickly grow from beginner to pro level.

Phil Ebiner partnered with Video School for a hands-on tutorial on the ins and outs of YouTube.

Michael Moyer, a fabricator, and designer, is another instructor of this course.

He and his wife are famous YouTubers who earn from making videos on DIY, early retirement, and personal finance.

This means you are learning from the pros!

Course Prerequisites and Requirements

  • A rough idea of the type of YouTube channel to create
  • Have a Google account to allow you to sign up for the YouTube account
  • Willingness to learn and put in the work

FAQ’s – Questions about YouTube Masterclass – Your Complete Guide to YouTube Course

Q) Marketing isn’t my thing as I really struggle with it. Can I leave that part?

A) Yes, if you don’t want to make money from the channel especially if you are filming and posting as a hobby.

But, if you are looking to earn more from it, then you MUST pay attention to this part.

If you really mustn’t yet still want to scale the numbers, hire a digital marketer.

Q) What are the chances of my channel being viral after taking the course?

A) Honestly, this depends on so much including your efforts.

If you are planning to go in full time on YouTube, you have to keep that day job until the night one can fully pay.

It won’t be a good idea to quit a job that has been paying more when your channel only has 100 people watching your videos.

Q) Is this course all it takes to become a very successful YouTuber?

A) No, this isn’t all, to the course, add hard videography, editing, and marketing techniques and skills.

A ton of patience and consistency is required.

Q) Must I have branding to make a successful channel?

A) Having brand colors, creating a logo, and using unique fonts will nail down your channel.

Before launching it, creating cover photos and a punchy introduction that matches your channel and website is important.

Q) Does that mean that professional equipment isn’t necessary when building a YouTube channel?

A) Equipment is very important. It is one of the three primary elements of a YouTube Video.

I am talking about the content, video quality or setup, and editing. Most people use smartphones which is great.

However, investing in a good quality DSLR and perfect lenses will improve your channel.

Go through the equipment section of this course and see what the instructor recommends.

Conclusion on the YouTube Masterclass

About a decade or two ago, YouTube videos were simpler.

If you watched some of the viral videos then, you can agree that their creators didn’t have to take YouTube courses.

At that time there weren’t any careers in creating YouTube videos.

Things took a swift change and current YouTube content creators are in dozes putting their best feet forward.

It is possible to live a pretty alluring life as a full-time YouTuber.

But, there is more to learn and practice before seeing the money.

So, you want to start a YouTube channel? Don’t wait!

You still stand a chance and can take Phil’s course to guide you through the journey.

The course is one of the most comprehensive in the market.

The instructor covers most of the YouTube aspects and has simpler explanations.

The bonus content from Video School is to share some tips and tricks of maneuvering the YouTube platform.

Being a successful YouTuber is tough work because, behind a viral catchy video, there must have been hours spent shooting and editing.

It shouldn’t scare you though! Only those who started without taking such a course find it donkey work and something they wouldn’t recommend to anyone.

Phil, through the course, gives an easier approach from the beginning to the end.

If you are interested in starting or growing your channel, then check out this course!

What Students Say About the Course

The course is very informative. You learn the basics of getting started and if you aren’t ready to spend on equipment yet, the DIYs are real savers.

Phil has worked hard to put the course together.

It flows easily and the three instructors have cooperated well without endlessly repeating the same information.

They covered so much in the class and it becomes easy to start and run your channel. Mine is up already!

I started my channel a while back and needed tips to grow it.

The lessons here have been helpful and I feel more confident when next I film a video to post on it.

I will give feedback on the results soon.

As an introductory course, it is a great one. It is worth spending on.


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