Wealthy Affiliate Scam Review

I’m glad you found this page, you are going to learn about a unique Internet Marketing platform that has all the bells and whistles without taking you for every penny you have. “Yeah right”, I hear you cry at the screen, “been there done that”, well so have I.

I too have signed up to schemes promising me that I would make a thousand dollars a day or I would have a new Ferrari outside my door in six months’ time.

Have you seen this type of thing showing you an image of a bogus Paypal account or Clickbank account with revenue into the hundreds or thousands per day? 


You read on and think its all too good to be true or is it, so you sign up. Then you find the signup fee of $20-30 was only to get you in the door there is another fee to take you to the next level and on it goes till you are broke and annoyed for signing up.

Oh, yea they offered a sixty days money back no questions asked. However, when you tried to get your money back you found that you sent email after another trying to get someone to answer or help you out. If you are lucky you got something back but rest assured it doesn’t happen often.

A lot of these schemes disappear as quickly as they arrived and then you have no one to question so you are left fuming with yourself for being so stupid. Grrrr! I know the feeling!

OK, enough of the wide road but let me tell you about the narrow road less traveled.

The place is Wealthy Affiliate and its a website where individuals like you and I can learn all there is to know about making money online.

Let me tell you more about the platform so keep reading.

Product Overview 0f Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is the conception of two guys Kyle and Carson who in 2005 were fed up with the state of online scamming and decided to build the website to help people make an honest living from internet marketing.

In their own words, “It’s not a get rich quick scheme and they do not guarantee a Ferrari in six months”, as it takes hard work and consistency but a business can be built if you follow their training.

The really great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is you find Kyle and Carson every day answering questions and putting up new training tasks or discussions.

Where else would you find the owners rolling up their sleeves and getting advice out to their members in such a personal way?

I have had them comment on my websites, share posts on Facebook, Twitter and Googleplus all without asking and their network is large so I see spikes in traffic when they do,  very cool benefit.


Positives and negatives


      • Very supportive community over 300,000+ members
      • Your own individual blog
      • Free state of the art website hosting
      • Free keyword research tool
      • Up-to-date training which is always relevant
      • No upsells everything you need is included
      • Step by step training programs walk you through setting up a campaign
      • Access to hundreds of very successful marketers to gain further knowledge
      • Live chat feed where you can usually get a quick answer to a problem


      • There is so much information added on a daily basis its hard to stay focused

That is it I can’t think of anything else to grumble about. I haven’t come up against a problem that I didn’t get help with right away or guided to a solution. In fact, there are so many helpful members its very hard to get lost for any time.

Who will benefit from Wealthy Affiliate?

If you have access to an internet connection, a computer and have the ability to type then you can learn from this authority site. If you are already a marketer looking to gain some new techniques or a complete newbie then its for you, in fact, its for EVERYONE.

Have you already got a blog or website up and running but want to learn how to make money from it (monetize) then this place has the answers in bucket loads.

Are you getting to the end of your working life and worried the pension will not keep you afloat then you too can learn how to make extra income to keep you in your retirement years.

The really cool thing about working for yourself in a website is you don’t really count it as work, my wife calls it my hobby because I love what I’m doing.  You too can be like me and make yourself a living from the comfort of your own home.

Another really cool addition to being a member on Wealthy Affiliate is the fact as a FREE member you get TWO websites hosted and backed up on their servers and as a premium member, you get 25 websites (you do need to buy your own domains though ) if moving them out or taking them off the FREE subdomain but that’s only a few dollars a year.

You can, of course, leave them on the siterubix server totally FREE if you want. So you can make money while you learn…cool right?

What kind of training do you get?

Wealthy Affiliate has training in all shapes and sizes. You can be taken on a one to one training program if you can get one of the senior members to take you under a wing.

There are loads of training classrooms where other members are learning the same techniques and you can help each other along. There are discussion rooms where you can ask any question you like about the process you are going through.

If you get stuck there are several ways to ask for help. There is a live chat feed where there are usually a few members about who can help with a question or direct you to a training session or tutorial.

There is the personal message button to leave higher ranking members questions, there are discussion rooms and your own blog. If you post to any of these most members will get a message showing them the question and usually several will come back with help.

On top of that, there is a weekly webinar training sessions with Jay who is full of information and help. These are recorded and stored in the libraries for future viewing if you are in a different time zone or unavailable.

Loads of tutorials posted by members who have worked through a particular problem and been kind enough to show the results. In fact, the website is so vast it will take you a long time to learn everything that it has to offer.

Is it all work and no play?

Wealthy affiliate has a full working community and you will find over a period of time you get to know a few of them. At present, there are over five hundred thousand members (Jan 2020) so knowing them all is absurd but there is a number who patrol the boards frequently and you will get to know them.

There is also the ability to follow certain users and they can follow back. You can leave messages on their profile and build up friendships. Over the past year I have made quite a few connections and have access to some really clever marketers who can hand out a bit of advice quickly if I need it.

There is the fun of the live feed, you can jump in and ask a question but at times there is a lot of gentle fun taking and humor.  Some of the guys are hilarious and I can usually get a laugh or two before logging off to finish my day.

At first, I was shy and didn’t use the live feed but after a while, I jumped in and now a number know me. It’s a great way to get a quick answer if stuck and you don’t want to wait for a discussion question to be answered.

So what will you be doing?

Basically, when you sign up you will be shown how to start a niche marketing website to promote a hobby or product you are passionate about. You can, of course, choose something you are not informed about but that only leads to extra work in research.

I would opt for the passionate route as answering questions and writing content comes so much easier. It takes less time and you can post more work on a regular basis so your site gets noticed sooner and ranked better.

This all leads to the revenue coming in quicker and so the easier route.

There are also the wealthy affiliate boot camps that show you from start to finish how to build an authority site promoting WA or any other affiliate program you are interested in. It’s a complete step by step guide with no experience required and when you follow it to completion you will have a website that generates revenue without any doubt.

If you are not a newbie and want to learn about other skills then there are classrooms, tutorials and webinars in 100’s of other ways to make money online that should keep anyone busy for quite a while.

How much is it then?

You can join Wealthy Affiliate today for FREE this gives you access to two websites and all the training.

However after seven days you will no longer have access to the community feeds so at that point you can either continue to learn on your own or upgrade to premium membership for $19 initially for the first month before it goes up to $47 per month.

TIP: If you can afford it take out the yearly membership for $359 = $29.9 per month saving $205. It will take a few months to get going and start to make money back anyway.

Once you have seen the power of the training and the community you will know that the price is right. Do yourself a favor and have a look inside today!


Website: http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Price: FREE for starter package or $47 p/m for Premium ($19 first month)

Ease of use : 95 out of 100

Training : 98 out of 100

Community : 98 out of 100

Resources : 98 out of 100

Overall Score :97 out of 100

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My Final Thought: WA is the real deal with a FREE starter package you can learn without having to give out any payment, they don’t even take a credit card on registering. What more do you want? Summary: For me, Wealthy Affiliate is the best online training platform for Internet Marketing. Not only can you host your websites but you can train on all aspects online like, affiliating, social, PPC, eBay, e-commerce and many more. This is why I have put this review together to let you know all about the platform so you too can get an online revenue stream.

Check me out when you get inside I will guide you as best I can on your path to becoming your own boss.


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