Become a Better Photographer Online Course Review

Better Photography Tutorial on Udemy

A 5.5-hour course sharing 50 photography tips and tricks to help you take attractive photos using a compact, mirrorless, or DSLR camera.

Description of the Course Udemy

What does it take to be a pro photographer? One that tells stories through pictures? Photography in itself is broad and very diverse. The art of taking photos regardless of what category you focus on cuts across all that exists.

Whether it is wedding, product, lifestyle, music photography, or anything else, the application is similar. But there are a few differentiating aspects in each category.

Bernie compiles this 5.5-hour course to share the tips and tricks he has learned in his photography journey. He is an award-winning and renowned portrait and ex-wedding photographer.

Having been in the photography industry for years, he has learned what works and what doesn’t when taking photos using a compact, DSLR, or mirrorless camera.

The course is rated at 4.4 stars with an enrolment of 14,700+ students. This means that many are willing to improve how they take photos.

It is a 5.5-hour course and you can get this done in a day if you have more time to spare. If you don’t, you can subdivide the course into smaller sections and work in bits.

However, there is no pressure. Work at your convenient pace. The crucial thing here is to grasp the tips and employ them while taking your photos.

There are downloadable resources to accompany the tutorials. These are great learning materials. Use them for reference during and after the course. If you are experiencing internet connection problems or want to access the notes on phone, this will be great.

Once you complete the course, there is an Udemy certificate to download. It could help when looking for opportunities. Add it to your portfolio or CV. It shows proof of knowledge in photography.

If you want to learn how to take better photos, this is the right place to begin. This is for beginners and amateurs who want to hone their skills. This course will help you build your knowledge in photography.

Also, you will advance to the next level. Cameras can be very complicated and using one whether new or old can be complicated. While there is so much trial and error before becoming good at it, this course will help you save time.

With time, you will work everything out and take spectacular photos. Bernie shares what he has learned from his mistakes. This is a visual and practical course. Because photography requires a keen eye for detail.

Everything has been explained in simpler terms to make learning and improving your skills faster. There is a ton of things you will learn during your photography journey. But this course is a great place for exploration.

If you want to get started with premium tips, enrol in this course. In case it doesn’t meet your expectations, there is a 30-days money-back guarantee without questions.

This course is for anyone who needs to get ahead of a great beginner pack.

Course Content and Overview

You might be wondering if it is possible to learn photography online. This course will be a good companion. The kind of photography you would like to shoot doesn’t matter. The guide will help.

As an expert in portrait and wedding photography, he understands that novices and amateurs need a strong understanding and more knowledge of the fundamentals of photography regardless of the subject they are shooting.

It doesn’t matter your reason for learning how to take better photos. Once you do and employ the tips, you can take photos like those you see in magazines or online.

This is a series of courses with several parts. This, as the first part, has slightly over 50 tutorials of tricks and tips. Each video tutorial demonstrates and explains a photography tip.

Remember that the tips cut across compact, mirrorless, and DSLR cameras. Enthusiasts too can learn something from it.

It teaches aspects that have proven to work over time. Anyone that implements the tips will see a great improvement in their photos.

I love that the course is among the easiest to follow and understand. Bernie goes in with a humorous teaching style. He agrees to have removed the boring bits.

Going through the reviews left by other students, I noticed that most beginner and advanced photographers were unaware of so many things that could work for them.

The photography tips in the course cover various subjects. I noticed that some of the most powerful tips are non-technical. This is a paid course but there are a few training videos that are allowed for you to do your screening.

Below are a few topics covered:

Understanding the exposure triangle and getting out of the automatic mode.
Ways of getting awesome natural portrait lighting using a pro tip that is flattering to your subjects.
Getting sharper images through an improved focusing technique and using shutter speeds.
How to deal with the sun and work with natural light.
Understand the direction of light and how it can greatly impact your photos.
Using composition to take creative and more dramatic images.
Flattering your family and friends with awesome posing tips for individuals and groups.
Ways of improving flash photography.
How to control the depth of field and block of focus.
Avoid the washed-out white skies and the best way to get blue skies in photos.
How to take great photos in the snow.
Maintain a steady camera, take sharper images and prevent shaking.
How to properly take photos of fireworks.
More about digital cameras and how to use them correctly.

Apart from learning how to capture life’s memories more professionally, the need for awesome photo content is increasing. The world would really want to see more pictures. Not just any picture!

Attractive and creative pictures!

Once you complete the course, it will be great to practice more and improve your skills. With time, you will learn how to see scenes with your eyes.

It shouldn’t be difficult as the internet has made it easy to learn on your own. Bernie is among the best photography minds and shares his expertise with you through this fantastic course.

Ask your questions. He is responsive and besides, you can learn more from fellow students in the question and answer section.

Who is the Course for?

Beginner and amateur photographers
Intermediate photographers
Anyone who wants to learn how to take more attractive photos

What you will learn

  1. How to explain a camera’s settings
  2. What light and composition are in photography and why they are more important than the tons of tools and accessories that most beginners own.
  3. Demonstrating easier ways of capturing great outdoor portraits.
  4. Tips on how to get better photos indoors using a flash.
  5. More about image resolution and quality and the various types of cameras available.
  6. Ways of getting sharper images.
  7. Raising awareness of the possibilities and need for taking awesome photos.
  8. Showing amazing ways of getting eye-catching landscape photos.
  9. Ways of taking great photos in various environments like in the snow, by windows, and indoors.
  10. Realising how much potential you have in taking striking photos and becoming a pro photographer.


  • Beginner camera settings-covers some important information used in some lectures ahead
  • Advanced camera settings
  • Improving your photos with natural light
  • How to pose for portraits
  • Scenery and landscape
  • Flash photography
  • Tips and information on using lenses
  • More general techniques
  • Ways of taking more flattering PR or profile photos
  • The type of digital camera you should buy next and not focus on megapixels

Course Requirements

Any type of camera will work. Some sections of the course cover the same tip. The duplication is to explain what works for specific types of cameras.
Willingness to learn and practice.

FAQs – Questions on Photography – Become a Better Photographer – Part I Course

Q) Is this a scheduled or a self-paced course?
A) This is a self-paced course meaning you can go through it and complete it at your speed without a lot of instructor interaction. This means it is great for those who need more flexibility in online learning because of other obligations.

Q) How often do I get to interact with other students and the instructor?
A) There is little contact with the two groups. But, you can voice your concerns and share your projects in the question and answer section. The instructor will share his feedback. You’ll get to see projects from fellow students too.
In case of any questions, ask them there too. You might get answered by the instructor and or the students.

Q) Can these tips work for someone who wants to be a photographer’s assistant?
A) Yes. It will be a great way of learning and getting more experience. You can do this before starting your company.
It can be tricky to get such a position. Ensure you have other skills alongside your photography knowledge. These could be video editing, retouching, and more.

Q) Can I begin marketing my work after completing the course?
A) This will depend on how much you have improved. Before marketing your work, share a few of the projects with the instructor. His feedback will help you know if you are ready or not.
If you get positive feedback, start by doing it amongst friends and family. Social media too is a powerful space to market your photos.

Q) Do I get a hard copy certificate sent to my mail?
A) No. All Udemy certificates are digital. They are available for download after completing the courses. Once you download the digital copy, you can print it for use where physical certificates are needed.

Q) Do the projects and assignments affect the quality of my certificate? Is there any grading after completing the course?
A) No, attempting the assignments and projects isn’t mandatory and it doesn’t affect the outcome of your certificate. But, it is advisable to work on them for practice. Share them with the instructor for feedback.
It is important to know the areas to improve and polish. Also, there is no grading.


In the modern day, photography is being considered the undoubted form of art. Almost everybody has access to a camera and top-notch editing programs.

The industry has exploded but there is still a high demand for amazing images.

Because of this, there is a need for you to learn how to take fantastic ones. Novices and amateurs are increasing in number as they’d want to improve how the world sees and interprets their work.

If you are in the beginner realm and need to quickly exit it, you need a simple course like this. Whether you are taking this as a hobby or are planning to flip it into your career, it will help.

By now, you should have weighed the importance of enrolling in the course and improving how your photos look. You could walk into an institution and register for a photography course.

But, in this era where there is a bunch of great online courses like Bernie’s, would you still think about the former? It takes a short time to complete the course and begin practicing each tip until you exhaust the 50!

Oh! And there is a part two section of the same. If you enrol in this course and find it great, the second one too will not disappoint.

Enrol today and pick the gems that will help you improve your photos.

What Students are saying about the Course

I didn’t what the technical details and a course full of science. He presents his material in the simplest way possible.

On general photography, this course has awesome basic information. It is worth it for starters like me.

This course was an eye-opener. I didn’t know that my DSLR had so much potential.


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