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Is Digital Marketing a Tech Job
I know that adapting to new gadgets is mindboggling to many, but there are people who freeze at making simple program updates on their phones or PCs.

It even gets worse when a TV or computer becomes slow or develops complications and there isn’t an expert around you to fix things quickly.

Such things have made many to shy away from learning new skills like digital marketing because of the need to be behind the screen almost full-time.

Wait, is digital marketing a tech job?

In all its entirety, digital marketing isn’t a tech job because you can get into it, and advance to its higher levels with the basic Microsoft Word and Excel knowledge you have.

So, if this has been scaring you from venturing into this field, reconsider and get to it ASAP because the demand for this skill is skyrocketing.

Is Digital Marketing a Tech Job?


There is more to ‘tech’ than the basic gadgets we use.

We are talking about program development, coding, cloud computing, etc. that need a unique skill set.

That isn’t necessary for digital marketing.

But what happens when as a digital marketer, you are constantly on the computer creating and executing strategies?

Not everyone who uses a computer is tech-knowledgeable.

Let’s see why digital marketing is mistakenly referred to as an IT job.


Analytics – ‘The Technical Part of Digital Marketing’

The world of marketing is moving online and that is indisputable.

Over 5 billion people (more than half of the world’s population) use the internet daily and sieving through this number to get your target audience can be a pain in the ass hence the need for effective digital marketing tools.

Some tools which are excellent reference points for digital marketers are:

So how does analytics make digital marketing look like a tech job?

Once a searcher opens any page on your website, user data is captured that site owners use to improve their business after keen analysis.

We are talking about information like demographics, common/uncommon site elements, behavioral patterns, purchase preferences, etc.

Such data is vital for creating detailed profiles of a target audience, primarily focusing on those who can easily convert.

The tech aspect is in learning and interpreting data which can feel heavy on the mind.

Here is the secret: Master web analytics by learning how to use Google Analytics before advancing to Structured Query Language.

Is Digital Marketing for Technologists

Important Tech Skills for Digital Marketers

Although digital marketing isn’t a tech job, there are related skills you need to learn to set yourself apart from the competition.

Tech skills help you get quick results and be effective at your DM job.

Here are a few to equip yourself with:

Microsoft Office – The basic office skills will do but it is worthwhile getting into spreadsheets to track data, projects, and tick tasks.

While at it, learn conditional formatting, data validation and VLookup.

Video and Photo Editing – Visuals are key in digital marketing and diving deeper into video and photo editing using advanced software like Photoshop and Adobe Premier will improve quality while adding uniqueness to what you create.

CRM and Marketing Automation – Such automation helps a digital marketer to set up workflows and tools like MailChimp, and Hubspot work well.

You can get into digital marketing without these skills since you can learn them on the job.

HTML and CSS – Though not necessary, coding skills for front-end development when working on websites is a bonus as they help in structuring and styling emails, tweaking to landing pages, customizing forms, and formatting blog posts.

The Thin Line Between Digital Marketing and Tech

Computers and smartphones are tech gadgets.

Most people now own both and much more because they are currently affordable with brands manufacturing gadgets for all financial groups.

Now, Tech jobs revolve around developing, implementing, and maintaining computer systems, information networks and software.

Digital marketing on the other hand uses some technical skills like experience in digital analytics programs, programming language, and SEO.

Note that the tools and sites are what need the knowledge to work effectively; and you don’t need IT certification to get into digital marketing.

Is Digital Marketing a Tech Job? – FAQs

Check out the QNA section to learn more about the relationship between digital marketing and tech.

Q) Is UX and UI a Technical Skill and is it Used in Digital Marketing?

A) UX and UI are design and technical skills that attract and keep readers interested.

A website with great UX inspires more trust which can easily translate to more purchases.

The latter are very crucial in digital marketing goals making them necessary for success in the field.

Q) Can I Get into Digital Marketing Without Tech Experience?

A) Yes. Most aspects of digital marketing don’t need any tech background, but it is a bonus if you are equipped with the skill.

You learn how to use digital tools on the job and there are tons of reference material to help you master these programs.

Q) Does a Digital Marketer with Tech Experience Get Paid Higher than One Without?

A) Tech experience or certification isn’t a metric for salary offerings unless stated by the employer (which is hardly done).

There have been many scenarios of digital marketers with no tech experience earning more because of their prowess and results in the industry.

However, it is a big plus if you start digital marketing with some tech experience as it makes working on analysis tools and tech-related aspects easier.


Is Digital Marketing a Tech Job?

While there is a slight relationship between the two industries, digital marketing isn’t a tech job.

It leans more towards the marketing department only that most brands prefer focusing their efforts online since that is where the highest number of consumers is.

The fact that most marketing has moved online, there is a need to learn how to use digital tools.

These tools, their development, and their use are what bring in the technical aspects of digital marketing.

Some need a rough idea of technical knowledge while others like HTML and CSS need more coding experience to ace them.

All in all, you can easily get a job in digital marketing with zero technical knowledge.

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