Is Digital Marketing a Bad Career? Exploring the Realities

Is Digital Marketing a Bad Career

Sounds too harsh to discuss, but we thought it better to address it as it is.

Is digital marketing a bad career?

Certainly not if most aspects are considered.

Digital marketing is one of the highly in-demand careers, which have proven to be lucrative if armed with the right skills.

Most if not all brands want to promote their products and this needs the expertise of a digital marketer.

But, it can be a bad career if we keenly assess the disadvantages, since they could be primary considerations for some people planning to join the industry.

Is Digital Marketing a Bad Career?

Platforms like Zip Recruiter and Indeed have statistics on how in-demand digital marketing jobs.

Salary scales and relevant information shows how ideal the field is at this time when brand and business promotion is a craze.

But, before learning or working in the digital marketing industry, you need to understand the limitations that could brand it as being a bad career.

You wouldn’t want to regret it later if the cons outweigh the pros on your checklist.

Call them however you want – challenges, cons, downsides, concerns etc., but here are possible reasons why digital marketing could be a bad career.

Fire Competition

The world is evidently competitive, but there are life areas and careers that aren’t as tough.

Digital marketing isn’t one of them – the competition is crazy!

Well, this might sound contradicting considering I introduced it as a high-in-demand job.

Sure! The demand of competitive, reliable, and performance-oriented digital marketers is higher than the workforce supply.

Hence, career opportunities being advertised are available both online and offline in thousands monthly.

Brands are continuously hiring!

But, the key aspects are competitive, reliable, and performance-oriented as part of the descriptive terms of any career post in the field.

Thus, if you aren’t anywhere close to the three and more that align with the above, you might consider a different path.

Your campaigns must be well-planned, be unique, snatch the masses’ attention and easily impact an audience to do a few things in your expectation list.

Not to discourage you but digital marketing is largely number-based.

Clients want to see impacts and returns on their investments, so it isn’t a walk in the park.

Can Digital Marketing be a Bad Career

High Tech Dependency

I know that most careers are somehow tech-dependent – some don’t need all career persons to interact with tech but there is definitely need somewhere in the corridors.

It is different for digital marketers since they are constantly on computers preparing content.

Tasks like setting up campaigns, scheduling projects, and analyzing performance among other vital tasks under their job descriptions.

You will be using tools, apps, software, programs and the internet most of the time.

These things could run into errors, need upgrades, backups, and other tech activities whose knowledge you should know.

Website management should be a necessary skill, especially if you are looking to advance your career in the future.

If anything tech gives you chills, you are definitely not fit for the career.

Yes, there are many posts on how you can start digital marketing without vast tech experience, but if you need to grow your career, knowledge expansion and experience is mandatory.

Overly Time Consuming

There is no doubt that digital marketing yields the best results in brand awareness, business growth and performance.

However, it takes more time to put everything together for you to see the littlest result.

Is digital marketing a bad career because of being overly time consuming?

It is if you have a shorter attention and work span, can’t redo tasks severally to get the correct strategies and tactics for a campaign.

For instance, ask video and content creators how long it takes to create a polished 5 minutes’ piece and it might shock you.

We are talking of the period from brainstorming a concept, planning it, executing, and editing it.

Even with this, you can start and finish a project and it fails to yield, meaning there is need to re-strategize until the concept is perfect.

Besides, if you fear negative results, comments, and reviews, stay away from it because they are plenty in the industry.

You can use digital marketing tools to overcome some barriers, but these need human input to be more effective.

FAQs on Digital Marketing and Whether It Is a Bad Carrier

Don’t get me wrong: Digital marketing is a fantastic career for passionate, resilient employees.

Otherwise, it can be frustrating if the money is your only push factor (which of course is a decent amount if you are a smart hunter).

Check out some quick questions:

Q) Is Digital Marketing as a Freelancer Also a Bad Career?

A) Freelance digital marketing isn’t any different because the expectations of clients cut across all working avenues whether you are working part-time, full-time, as an in-house or freelance marketer.
How you work isn’t an issue for most brands; the issue is in the numbers your skills and input are generating.

Q) Can One Get a Promotion in the Digital Marketing Career?

A) Yes. Most brands have job ranks in their marketing departments, including the digital marketing sector.
You might start as an intern, advance to a junior digital marketer, team leader, digital marketing specialist, senior digital marketer to a managerial position but like any serious job, you need to put in time and work.

Q) How Much Does Digital Marketing Pay?

A) Several factors influence the salary of digital marketers but averages it at $61,600 per annum for marketers in the USA.
However, the figures can be seen to range from $61,000 to $153,000.

Wrap Up

We are currently in a digital world and marketing has mostly moved here too.

‘Is digital marketing a bad career?’ is probably among the questions you have asked yourself as you weigh whether it suits you at the moment.

I have been frank on this post because most are guided by the earnings, which are decent and under your control, especially if you are a freelance digital marketer.

But, you need to factor in the need for tech experience and knowledge, time availability, your rejection tolerance, and stiff completion in the field.

Spare yourself the regrets if you can’t meet the above otherwise check out some of our digital marketing posts.

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