What Are Digital Marketing Channels? Divide and Conquer

What are Digital Marketing Channels
Digital marketing is the newest mode of creating and disseminating content, but it needs channels for the strategies to work on your target audience.

Nothing complex here, just a fancy way to change how brands and businesses market their products and services to potential buyers.

So, what are digital marketing channels?

Digital marketing channels are consumer platforms that brands use to reach their target audience as they share information on their business, products, or services.

The channels ensure you help customers with challenges or questions regarding your brand, and ensure you are close to your goals.

Here’s the thing: Certain digital marketing channels work well with specific business goals, so not all will work for you.

One channel might work for audience A and fail for audience B.

Here’s more information on these channels that should help you determine what works for your audience and the end marketing goal.

What Are Digital Marketing Channels?

Most business goals lean toward lead generation, increasing brand awareness, and skyrocketing conversions.

Overall, we all want to get more sales.

Whether you are working with an agency, a digital marketer, or alone, it is crucial to develop several strategies targeting your goals.

There are different digital marketing channels that can benefit your business like below.

Social Media

Smart Insights reports over 4.76 billion users of various social media platforms worldwide.

Did you know that this is past half of the world’s population?

Crazy, right?

It makes it one of the worthy reasons you should be marketing your business on social media platforms because of the numbers your content is potentially exposed to.

Even though the channels started as avenues of social connections, things have changed into grander and better versions than the initial vision.

Most businesses are directing their efforts to organic SMM, because of the platforms’ designs to foster solid interactions that can convert to sales.

Cultivating relationships with a target audience and understanding the interests and needs of buyer personas is crucial.

Besides, you can generate high-quality leads through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram.

These social media platforms account for 80% (LinkedIn), 13% (Twitter), and 7% (Facebook) of highly-qualified B2B leads.

Prioritize building and cementing strong positive relationships, as social selling is not exactly about random selling, even though it directly drives sales.


What are digital marketing channels that can’t hurt your budget as much?

Email marketing is the cheapest so far, followed by social media marketing.

Besides being versatile, you can use recent trends like automation and personalization without spending so much.

Email can support other brand marketing goals, hence why 70%+ of B2B marketers agree that it is their primary tool for lead generation.

63% say that it is their go-to for driving revenue.

4.37 billion people use email as of 2023, meaning it is widespread and can deliver the best returns, and for each dollar spent on this channel, expect an average ROI of $42.


A website is an essential tool for your business because it gives you a dedicated platform to educate audiences and visitors about your brand and offerings.

Thus, you need to understand your target audience and have a working content marketing strategy.

You can create a website regardless of the size of your business.

The goal is to give the brand online presence to communicate and sell to potentials.

NPR Marist Poll shows that at least 69% of Americans have bought items online.

It is advisable to invest in a website whether your company is an ecommerce or is service-oriented.

You can reduce the costs of building a website by enrolling in free and affordable courses on Skillshare or Udemy.

Use the website for content marketing campaigns, write blog posts, create announcements, and offer valuable content to existing and potential buyers to solve their problems.

As a digital marketing channel with multimedia capabilities, distribute different content types – from infographics and articles to video.

Identify top performing content once consumption rate increases and focus on it to increase traffic and engagement exponentially.

The results are more brand recognition, solid authority building, and more sales for the business.

Digital Marketing Channels

FAQs on Digital Marketing Channels

The topic on digital marketing channels is broad and will take days to cover, so we decided to break it into tiny sections to give a general overview.

See some questions fellows frequently ask on the same.

What Are Other Digital Marketing Channels That Work?

We have covered 3 popular digital marketing channels – email, website, and social media, but more exist and have proven to work.

Here are other channels for digital marketing brand use for growth: Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search/SEM, display ads, mobile, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, online public relations, instant messaging marketing, and video marketing.

Each channel has its approach and benefits to a business if use properly to meet the marketing goal, but it depends on the audience type and other factors.

How Are Digital Marketing Channels Important for Your Brand?

The overall importance of digital marketing channels is to allow you to connect and interact with your target audience effectively.

Additionally, they are trackable for progress and to help identify channels that yield the most, so that you can focus on them for more results.

These channels help to expand user reach, drive reach, increase engagement, generate more leads and sales, and increase marketing ROI.

What Are the Factors To Consider When Choosing the Best Digital Marketing Channel?

First, you need to set your goals right and know what you want from digital marketing channels.

It could be to educate your audience, brand awareness, generate traffic, more leads or sales.

Next is knowing your revenue model, whether it is B2B, or B2C, your target audience, ways of selling to customers, and challenges you might face.

Have a digital marketing budget and choose between free options to using a freelancer, an in-house digital marketer, or an agency – the costs of each vary.

And after choosing the best digital marketing channel for your needs, you can track your results and evaluate them.

Last Few Words

The question ‘What are digital marketing channels’ should now be easy to answer after knowing its simplest definition and popular types like email, website, and social media.

However, others like SEO, SEM, video and influencer marketing have proven to work.

As earlier said, you can combine a few to meet one or more marketing objectives for your business.

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